Definition ASP.NET

ASP.NET is designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages, an open-source server-side web application framework developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build active web sites, applications, and services. from Microsoft is a server-side scripting technology, to create dynamic and interactive web applications. page is an HTML page containing server-side scripts that are processed by a web server before being sent to the user’s browser. You can combine ASP with XML and HTML to create interactive websites. code is more “compact” than ASP code, and the scripts required to perform a particular function are shorter in than in ASP.

Because the server script generates a standard HTML page, it can be useful to every browser. You can create an file using any text editing tool, such as Notepad.

Application manager

Application Manager is used to creating a folder on your site separately if you are using specific scripts or programs that you need to install in an application folder.

Upload or create a folder in the root directory and then set that folder as an app in the app manager. After creating the folder, you can see it in the drop-down menu within the Application Manager.

  1. Select an application path (note: it must be a folder that already exists on the server). Select an application from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on “Create Application.” The application you choose will get added to the list of existing applications. The list is visible at the bottom of the same page. The “Create Application” button sets the permissions for the folders so that the folder can work independently of the rest of the site so that any ASP program you have in the folder can run if you code it to run as a Windows Services.

Manage applications

All existing applications with their status will appear in the list.

You can remove an application by selecting it and then clicking “Apply.”

What is the difference between and the ASP?

While we use VBScript to write ASP, we can write in any language supported by the .net Framework, which is; C # and If, as you have read, you can no longer use VBScript, but you must use, which is the closest thing. Another radical change is that is a fully object-oriented language.

What improvements does bring?

Without a doubt, it is much better than the traditional ASP, brings several improvements, among which stand out:


The application compiles the native language in one go, and then, in each request, it has a Just In Time compilation, that is, it compiles from the native code, which allows much better performance. Also allows cache storage on the server

Programming speed

Through various controls, we can with a few lines and in less than 5 minutes show a whole database and do complex routines.

Web Services

It brings tools to share data and information between different sites.


It has various tools that guarantee the security of our applications.