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What is an Access Control? – Definition, Uses and More

Access Control Definition

Access Control is a system that prevents a person from entering a place without prior identification of some kind. Either the fingerprint or an electronic device, it is necessary to identify yourself before entering.

  • All companies, houses, or buildings have things to protect: money, goods, people, ideas. Anything we appreciate and want to keep and put safely behind a security system and an access control system that allows you to control who accesses the interior of a building
  • Locks and keys allow access to a building, but if there is a problem such as the loss of keys, high risk is created for our property because there can be an easy copy of the keys. Also, it is costly to solve the problem since you have to change the lock or make new keys.
  • On the other hand, in a building that is full of doors with keys, for comfort and fluidity, users end up leaving them open, which causes access to insecurity.
  • In this way, electronic access controls are handy tools to ensure the security of their properties. And also provides facilities, since they don’t replace in case of a problem or loss of one of the devices: it is enough to reconfigure the tools (in case of a password) or delete one of the access devices if it has been lost or stolen.

Access control in video intercoms are different. video intercom system is built from ground up to create safe and compelling living spaces.

It is also possible to restrict the entry to some specific users or to mark a particular schedule in which a stay may or may not be accessed so that there are only people who must be at that time.

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What are the uses of Access control?

  • Electronic access controls are easy to install and use. There will be no problems in its use and also do not require any training for its use in case it is a control for a large number of people.
  • The primary normal for a home, an organization, and the settings for events is that they all have an access door.
  • The primary mission of entrance is to control who can go in and who cannot. For example, the door allows members of a family to come inside the house.
  • In a company, it will enable the entrance to employees, visitors, and messengers to be controlled. This process is called access control.
  • The three fundamental segments of an Access Control framework are the Door, the Lock, and the Key.

What are its Features?

The Access controller and Identification systems

Access controller means a device that controls access to a door. It has a control unit (CPU) to control digital signals at input and output. As well as analyze user data and determine the level of user authorization.

It also requires a memory to store data, parameters and event log. Any device equipped with the above can consider an access controller.

Access Control Systems distributes different types of access controller, and the two key features are:

  • Each access controller is itself an identification unit, with reader function and that can be read based on the different types of card /PIN/fingerprint.
  • Each access control can be connected to a PC to configure parameters and data queries and can select between autonomous or network operation mode.

We can also choose different access controllers based on the need for door groups and the number of users. If there is a need for Macro-structure, such as in hotels or apartments, student residences, and office buildings.

Effective management of electronic access control

A traditional lock is only to control the status of a door that cannot be regulated by schedules. However, an automated access control system allows you to lock control by configuring time, door group, authorization level. And through the web server, you will be able to know all the registered events of doors and users.

The CCTV / IP video surveillance circuit is optional equipment if it is to improve the security. Consequently, electronic access control systems have become a significant trend in the industry and safety thanks to their unique advantages.

  • Schedule
  • Door GroupsAccess Level
  • Anti-return.

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