The lifetime value of a customer (LTV) is the new metric that marketing campaigns are based on. With neck-throat competition in almost every other niche, every large corporation is working on improving relations and communication channels with current customers to grow revenue.

You can exponentially grow the return on marketing spend by working on the acquired customers, and in this post, we set out to discover the hacks and strategies by which you can use CRM Software to boost customer retention.

1. Visualising and improving every point of contact with the customer

CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you visualize and improve on every point of contact with the customer. Organizations after opting for Dynamics Consulting focus more on building the perfect funnel, gathering and improving on sales data after you get the desired traffic.

CRM can help you identify the interaction the customer has with your funnel at any point. Let’s suppose you have an inorganic funnel and the CRM will start the recording from the interaction with the ad, your landing page and the dashboard after the sale.

The automated engagement after the sale will also be recorded, and you can identify the set of customers who are not engaging after a specific time and then use different strategies to re-engage.

2. Reach your audience at the right time and on the right platform

CRM helps in business by gathering an enormous amount of data about your prospects. You can easily set it up to know about the purchasing patterns and the types of platforms preferred by specific individuals.

Prospects in the B2B space might prefer email and blogs as a medium to interact with your brand, whereas Instagram and Facebook might be the choice of platform for B2C companies.

The choice of platforms and the places where prospects are most active change according to age, profession, location, and many other factors and CRM helps you remain on top of it.

3. Personalising the experience

Remember the birthday wishes you receive from some of the brands?

Well, this is managed by CRMs which companies use to automate personalisation. CRM can also help you automate sales pitches.

Every company gathers a lot of data from its customers but does not use it as doing it manually is impossible. You can also integrate Power BI embedded with Dynamics 365 CRM for building custom data reports as per your organization’s need. It helps you use all this data as you can personalize the messages and, every interaction with your company in terms of dates, location, age, gender and other things.

4. Improving the customer support system

Customer support is one of the best departments in your company which will be the earliest indicator of trends. Among many other applications of CRM, it collects each and every bit of data is your company operations and helps you make decisions based on the information you collect.

There are two aspects to this section –

  • You can automate and take client feedback for your products and services regularly and identify problems before they become big
  • You can calculate the number of support tickets which are raised in your system and also the rate at which they are solved. This will give you a clear indication of the best staff and how to motivate others to replicate them. Also, you will get to know about the products which are performing better than the others so that you can spend more time in the marketing of that section.

5. Creating loyalty and referral programs

Loyalty programs are the most significant source of revenue for some large companies in many niches. Every company which does not run a loyalty or a referral business is leaving a lot of money on the table.

CRM helps you automate all these processes, and your loyalty program can run on auto-pilot starting from the first introductory email with the rules about the loyalty program to reminding customers about how much sales can give them specific benefits.

You must incentivize repeat customers and introduce creative ways to urge customers to make more transactions than what they would ideally do.

Another fantastic source of revenue is the referral program which is again one of the most underutilized resources for businesses. A good CRM will help you automate the complete customer life-cycle in which it will generate interested affiliates for your product or service, and they will eventually become brand advocates.

You can also keep your affiliates and brand advocates engaged with timely offers and special commissions.

6. Improve the lead nurturing cycle

Apart from customer retention, CRM also makes a big difference in the number of leads that you convert. Configuring your lead generation system with a CRM will help you to analyze the areas which you can improve for boosting conversions.

The interactions your leads have with your company can also be automated and analyzed for improvements.


As you must have read in all the above sections that CRM helps manage many divisions of your business rather than just customer retention. Data and automation are the future of businesses, and effective CRM enables you to achieve both at the same time!!!