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Top 4 Best CRM for Real Estate Agents [2024]

Top 4 Best CRM for Real Estate Agents [2024]

A real estate customer relationship management system is a system that assists in the management of all discussions with prospects and clients. CRM systems are becoming increasingly important to real estate agents’ daily work and the success of their brokerages. The best real estate CRM will have industry-specific features like email and text messaging, lead follow-up tools, and click-to-call capabilities. There are various CRM solutions available to businesses today.

Many of them may be tailored to match the demands of real estate agents, even if they were not built specifically for the industry. However, specific CRMs include functionalities that make CRM more effective for agents. We’ve produced a list of the best CRM software for real estate agents, each adapted to their specific needs. The best crm for real estate agencies are discussed here. Although many of these CRMs are not explicitly offered to realtors, they may be implemented in real estate.

1. Realty Pilot

Our all-in-one CRM is built to scale with your company, making your life simpler at every step. Realty Pilot CRM is meant to help you sell quicker and better by providing tools like contact management, email templates, and meeting schedules.

Among its features are email templates, call monitoring tools, sales automation capabilities, and pipeline management systems. You may also use Apps like Marketplace to automate activities, build a customized appointment planner, add live chat to your website, and link the CRM with your company’s apps and tools.

2. Zendesk Offer

Zendesk Sales CRM software includes solutions that give the full context of a client account in a consolidated location. It provides a one-stop shop for making phone calls, sending emails, organizing meetings, and viewing transaction history. It logs all activity automatically. Zendesk is a feature-rich platform with many capabilities to assist you in various activities, such as segmenting and filtering leads and deals in real-time.

3. AgileCRM

Though AgileCRM is not primarily targeted to realtors, there are various features that realtors may use. This solution is great for small teams who wish to work from a single collaboration tool since it includes limitless document storage, job management, document tracking, and appointment setup. The best crm for real estate is AgileCRM allows you to monitor prospects depending on where they are in the sales process, providing complete visibility into your pipeline.

4. Salesforce

Salesforce Is The best CRM for real estate for flexibility and customization. It has become a household name due to its well-known CRM features. This software enables small and big enterprises to maintain contacts in the form of emails, phone numbers, addresses, and so on safely and effectively.

The ability to trace every encounter you’ve ever had with consumers based on the information it has gathered is maybe the most attractive feature of this programme. Salesforce also excels at team communication, with a dashboard that team members can view remotely from anywhere, at any time.


Managing a real estate firm is a challenging endeavor. A vast list of properties, an extensive portfolio for real estate, and many contacts might be challenging to arrange in one location. However, this is where a real estate CRM comes in. You can boost customer communication while also making the sales process faster and easier for you and your team by using a CRM.

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