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11 Credit Card Processors With The Lowest Fees & The Cheapest Ways To Accept Credit Card Payments

11 Credit Card Processors With The Lowest Fees & The Cheapest Ways To Accept Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Processors With The Lowest Fees

If you’re looking for the lowest option to take credit card transactions, we suggest looking at the price, monthly costs, included features, simplicity of usage, and time savings. Does the prospect of losing your hard-earned cash deter you from accepting credit cards? In order to take credit cards, you must have a business account that can be prohibitively costly for a local company.

Taking on large new costs is especially difficult at this time due to financial pressures caused by pandemics; therefore, we would like to assist you in finding the lowest credit card processor rates possible.

The following are the 11 lowest-cost credit card processors available

Based on a company’s e-commerce and in-store abilities and volume of sales, various credit card processors’ services are required. With the finest credit card processors, you’ll get clear pricing, fast approval, no long-term obligations, and financing for future transactions the following day.

High-volume processors may benefit from participation as well as interchange-plus pricing savings; however, these fee structures cannot be suitable for everyone. Low-volume companies may need to focus on reducing their offshore credit card processing service’s recurring fees instead. Choosing a credit card processor with zero monthly charges is a simple way to save money.

1. Square

It is the best option for companies searching for a comprehensive feature set without paying any monthly fees. The Square POS is absolutely free and has many useful functionalities, including reporting, easy billing and a digital port, as well as unlimited email marketing capabilities.

While Square’s credit card processing charges aren’t the cheapest in the industry, it is a 3rd party processor that places convenience at the centre of its offering. As a result, smaller companies now have an easier time accepting credit cards, thanks to the company. It also offers a wide range of unique features that you won’t search for elsewhere, and none of them come at an additional cost.

2. Stripe

It is a payment processing system that focuses on eCommerce and provides companies with a wide range of capabilities on a monthly basis without upkeep costs.

Using Stripe might not be the most cost-effective option, but you will enjoy a great deal of control on the costs you’re charged. This is due to the fact that several of Stripe’s sophisticated services, which are not available in the regular account, are charged on an a la carte basis, which increases your transaction fees.

3. Helcim

Businesses can save a lot of money using Helcim as a payment processor because it is one of the few that we have given a positive score. Helcim provides interchange-plus pricing and does not charge a subscription charge, which is exceptionally rare inside this sector.

No early withdrawal fees, PCI compliance payments, or quarterly minimums apply to contracts because they are month-to-month and do not require any setup charges. Firms with high transaction volumes benefit from lower transaction costs. Helcim’s POS system is compatible with a wide range of equipment and demonstrates the company’s preference for cost-effective solutions over high-end hardware.


4. Clover

You can collect and make payment if you serve in a shop or online using Clover. Clover is the finest POS credit card processor because it offers top-notch POS hardware and software and affordable credit card processing prices.

5. Merchant One

Merchant One offers a wide range of merchant services to suit the requirements of companies of all sizes. It offers a broad array of services, ranging from complete point-of-sale solutions with terminals through payment card swipers that connect straight to both iOS and Android gadgets. It’s also prepared to accept tiny firms that competitors may reject and have a short response time, so it’s our top option for simple approval.

6. Fattmerchant

Fattmerchant is our smartest choice for smaller companies, kudos to its reasonable prices and capability to analyse sales. It utilises the interchange-plus price structure but just doesn’t pay a premium proportion. Instead, a per-transaction cost is added to the publicized interchange charge, which is the standard rate for the credit card issuers and paid by everyone.

7. Paysafe

Paysafe can take electronic, smartphone, ACH, and even credit card transactions, that’s why this is our top option for online companies. Due to the rising digitization of the globe, small companies are being forced to function in many channels. Paysafe excels as a credit card processor because it accepts a wide range of payment methods, including online and in-store transactions.


8. ProMarchent

Some credit card processors won’t deal with a small firm, while others deal with all of them. Some businesses are judged to be excessively dangerous, and as a result, are denied a merchant profile and payment processing facilities. This is exactly not the situation with ProMerchant, that’s why it’s our top choice for high-risk enterprises. Sportsbooks and CBD products may not seem “high-risk” to you, but credit card processors see it differently. Many processors will not work with companies in those as well as other “high-risk” sectors.

9. Payment Depot

When it comes to the retail payment processing charges, the card companies establish the prices at which Payment Depot charges its customers. In addition to swipe fees, Payment Depot doesn’t really impose a service fee.

Rather, a cost-plus payment structure with a quarterly flat price is used by the firm. Starting at $79 plus exchange for the basic production package, costs go up to $199, including transfer for the entrepreneurship package.

10. National Bankcard

National Bankcard is indeed a credit card processor that provides both in-person and digital transaction features and a variety of equipment. Although the firm utilises a combination of graded or interchange-plus charging, its specific rates aren’t published on its webpage. National Bankcard also accepts electronic checks and works with prize and reward programmes in conjunction with credit and debit card transactions.

11. Cayan

Using Cayan as just a transaction processor, you’ll have superior software and hardware options as well as a free API. This solution is certainly worth considering, even if you have to haggle over the price.


A company owner must make a significant decision when selecting a credit card processor. Nevertheless, if the retailer wants to take credit cards for payment, this is a must. The great credit card processor may be found by performing homework, asking about, and understanding every one of the charges involved.

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