How Can You Create a Blog on Instagram? – Complete Guide [2020]

Create a Blog on Instagram

Do you know, how to create a blog on Instagram? Well, there has been many people doing a search for the same question. Here is the complete guide on how to create a blog on Instagram.

Bloggers need to have a wide reach, and every blogger needs to remain present on almost every social media platform so that people can discover them easily. Instagram has more than a billion monthly users right now and there are no questions regarding the popularity of this platform.

Almost every second person that you are going to come across will say that they are on Instagram. People are not on this platform only to share pictures, but they are also interested in shopping as well as selecting amazing places for their next vacation. If you have been blogging for a long time and you do not have an account on Instagram, it is time that you get one.

Given below is a list of the ways that will help in making your Instagram account great.

Pick an appropriate username

Your journey on Instagram is going to start when you set up your Instagram account. If your blog name is already established, you have to stick to that particular name so that you can maintain consistency across the different social media platforms. If you are not a blogger and you have just started, you need to think of an extremely catchy as well as a professional name. Adding a beautiful profile picture, a great Instagram bio, and a link to the blog is also important.

Ensure that you are selecting your niche

Most people love food photography and many others are interested in traveling. You need to ensure that you are picking up your niche and sticking to it. Not all the posts on your Instagram account have to be executed similarly but your followers need to understand what your blog stands for.

Make sure that you are telling a story

Indeed, unique and creative photos are mandatory, however, if you are interested in making your Instagram account stand out, it is significant that you narrate stories through the account. Make use of the caption area for introducing your picture. Pictures can speak for themselves but there are times when your words, as well as stories, add elegance and beauty to your Instagram account.

Make sure that you are using relevant hashtags

According to, you can add 30 hashtags for every post on Instagram. Contents that have at least 11 hashtags are responsible for receiving high engagement. You need to make sure that the hashtags that you are using are relevant to the posts.

Geotag your places and discoveries if you are a travel blogger

Travel bloggers have the option of geo-tagging places as well as discoveries. When you geotag a particular place, you are going to appear in the search results when someone else explores contents that are tagged to a particular location. You can also visit to get more likes on your posts.

Follow and engage with your followers

Following and engaging with your followers can help you to gain popularity. It is suggested that you constantly connect with influential accounts that operate within your niche, and there is a chance that you are going to get featured on their stories or accounts.


To make sure that you are succeeding as a blogger on Instagram, it is crucial that you have appropriate knowledge about what you should be doing. Make sure that you are following the tips that have been mentioned above so that you gain success.

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Kristen Smith is the owner of a fashion brand, and she has admitted to using her social media profiles for gaining website traffic.

Also, You can find more helpful resources at Answerhop.

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