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Tips for Creating and Measuring Contact Centre KPIs’

Tips for Creating and Measuring Contact Centre KPIs’

Efficiency, Quality, Cost. 

These key elements are fundamental to a well-functioning contact centre. But how can you ensure your agents are answering queries promptly, providing quality service to clients and costs are kept low through efficient processes? 

Implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a useful management tool for this purpose. There are several standard measurements that contact centres can use to ensure their customers are receiving satisfaction.  Avaya Contact Center Solutions are monitoring tool experts and are able to assist with establishing a service level for your business before you set your KPI’s.  

Training and supporting the team based on these evaluations will lead to increased efficiency and improved staff attrition rates; a good indicator of the morale and work conditions in the contact centre. Agents that are well supported by management are more likely to provide a positive experience to their clients. 

Common Contact Centre KPI’s

  • Average Speed of Answer (ASA): The average time it takes for calls to be answered. The shorter the ASA, the lower your abandonment rate is likely to be. 
  • Abandonment rate: The amount of callers that hang up before getting connected to an agent. Be aware that on-hold messaging can provide the information required or the customer may decide to use the website as suggested while on hold, thereby receiving the information they need even if they have hung up. Follow up evaluations via text or email can establish whether this has occurred. 

Formula: Abandoned Calls / Total Incoming calls = Abandonment Rate

  • First Call Resolution (FCR)/ Self Service Accessibility: Resolving an issue on first contact. 

Experts such as Avaya suggest that it is important to make sure the customer receives all the information they need before hanging up, to avoid the need for a second call. This figure can include how many customers begin and complete self-service transactions

Formula: Number of FCR calls / Total Number of Calls and Self Service Completions/Self Service Starts

  • Occupancy: The percentage of time agents spend handling calls and after-call work compared with the total amount of time they are ready and waiting for calls to arrive.

Formula: Total Call Time / (Total Call Time + Available Time)

  • Cost per Call: If your call centre budget was $600,000 and your agents answered a total of 40,000 calls that would be $15.00 per call. 

Formula: Total Budget / Number Of Calls (Or Contacts) = Cost Per Call/Contact

The quality of the call and customer satisfaction levels can be accessed via follow up evaluation criteria administered through texts, emails and analysis of recordings. This can contribute to training programmes and improvements in scripts or interactions. Monitoring and evaluating are essential in providing ongoing customer satisfaction, however, all KPI’s should be matched to the business requirements. Avaya Contact Centre Solutions can assist you to formulate the most useful and effective KPI’s for your business and ensure efficient and cost-effective customer engagement.


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