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Wonders That CompTIA A+ Badge Can Do [2024]

Wonders That CompTIA A+ Badge Can Do [2024]


CompTIA A+ – Today, everyone roots for having an added skill to step up on the career ladder, and earning a badge is the easiest way to do this. But, things become more complex and confusing when you have plenty of options to choose from.

Out of all those variants offered, we’ve taken the CompTIA A+ certification to tell you about in this article. It is the stepping stone to have a promising IT career. The kind of skills you will learn from this badge hold high merits in the IT world. Despite being an entry-level credential, it never misses any of the major aspects like PC installation, networking, troubleshooting, mobile device hardware, and PC hardware.

How Does CompTIA A+ Make a Difference?

Obtaining this certification is a fantastic way to kick start your career. Over 1 million have already done it and now have lots of advantages and a great base for further professional development. Wondering what made them trust CompTIA A+ Exam Dumps – 220-1002 blindly? Here are the reasons.

1. CompTIA A+ Makes you Worthy

CompTIA A+ touches almost every fundamental aspect of computer hardware and software. Starting from configuration to troubleshooting, it equips you with around nine worthy IT skills. There is hardly any aspect that remains uncovered. Thus, getting the A+ badge you possess the main skills and knowledge required to be a real problem-solver.

2. This Badge Lets you Grow Unconditionally

One of the main reasons behind our constant support of the CompTIA A+ badge is its vendor-neutralized learning. Other IT credentials, for example, from the houses of Microsoft and Cisco are vendor-specific. It means you will learn about the products of these companies only. In this case, your expertise will be limited which doesn’t sound good. But, you won’t face this problem if you apply for the A+ certification. It focuses on enhancing the basic technical knowledge that will help you everywhere.

As if this was not enough, A+ credential also comes with ISO/ANSI accreditation that implies it is recognized by employers across the world. So, you can explore global opportunities without any qualms.

3. You Get Better pay at the End of the Day

After a tiring and brain-draining 9-6 office job, all we need is a cup of coffee and better pay at the end of the day. Well, ExamSnap CompTIA A+ Practice Test – 220-1002 will surely help with the latter option. Having this badge on your CV list not only gives you a chance to stand out of crowd but also makes you an exemplary candidate for promotions and salary hike. IT professionals having a weighty resume with the mention of A+ credential can easily take an annual paycheck of $61K according to the latest research.

4. Top Guns are Waiting for you

As soon as you earn this worthy certification, the doors of many IT giants like Dell, IBM, Lenovo, HP, CompuCom, and Intel will be opened for you. These companies know the kind of skills a CompTIA A+ certified professional would possess. That’s why they have made it mandatory for those who want to come on-board. And what is the thing that sounds even more exciting is the number of job positions you can apply for, thus, they range from help desk technician and service desk analyst to a system support specialist, end-user computing technician, and associate network engineer to mention a few.

5. You Become the Favourite of the Hiring Manager

Believe it or not, one of the most crucial parts of starting up any career is grabbing the attention of hiring managers before anyone else seizes the opportunities. With thousands of applications on the waiting list, making through it is the most difficult task, especially for beginners.

But, here is a secret about the recruiters that you should know: they have a special affinity for those who have and added skills to a regular degree. And as CompTIA A+ doesn’t demand any pre-requisites, any novice candidate will have an easy way out to earn it and so make the CV weighty.

However, if you are a working professional with years-long experience and facing a mid-career crisis, a simple mention of the CompTIA A+ badge will also help you take that giant leap which you have been waiting for long.

Now that you are aware of the wonders that the A+ certification will do to your IT career, it is time to learn about what should you do to seize this credential and get benefits from it.

Getting Started on CompTIA A+ Badge Is Easy

Obtaining the CompTIA A+ badge is easy if you follow the right path. The very first step that you should make in this direction is to understand the details of this certification.

Although there are no stringent requirements for enrolling in this credential, all you have to do is pass the related tests: Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002). Having a 9-12 months’ working experience is also recommended as it can help you grasp the concepts easier. In case you just start your career in IT, completing the official training still will be enough for you.

  • Exam Pattern: These two tests focus on core skills testify you with the help of 90 questions of different types. Each of them lasts for 90 minutes. The maximum score for each exam is 900: 675 or above for Core 1 and a minimum of 700 for Core 2.
  • Appearing for the exam: As this badge has great significance across the globe, it is available in English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, and Spanish. To appear for the exam, you have to register with Pearson VUE — the exam conducting authority from the behalf of CompTIA. Also, you need to spend $226 for each assessment.

Make the Right Choice!

CompTIA A+ is one certification that helps IT professionals, indiscriminately. If you set the goal why you need this badge and how it can help you land your career in IT, you’ll have no obstacles to achieve it. What’s more, this credential will help you hone your skills and let the world believe that you are competent in your field. Earning it also shows that you have a strong will and commitment, so don’t lose your chance and make some efforts now to get a rewarding career tomorrow.

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