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6 Companies Using Machine Learning in Fascinating and Practical Ways

6 Companies Using Machine Learning in Fascinating and Practical Ways

Companies Using Machine Learning

Machine learning is more than just a buzzword. In fact, the machine learning industry is forecasted to reach a whopping 20.83 billion by 2024.

More and more companies are now employing the use of artificial intelligence machine learning. This technology can be used to automate certain processes, improve workflow, and increase revenue.

What is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

The field of artificial intelligence aims to resemble human intelligence by creating self-learning, intelligent applications. An example of this is collaborative robots.

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that makes use of computer algorithms that learn from data and improve performance over time.

Here are 6 innovative companies that use machine learning in practical ways:

#1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site that focuses on curating existing content. Pinterest functions much like a search engine and can be used to find unique and interesting content from all across the web.

Machine learning algorithms are built into all areas of Pinterest’s platform. This includes spam detection and content recommendations. It is also used to improve ad performance for their advertising customers.

#2. Netflix

Another company that uses AI machine learning is Netflix. Now the largest streaming service in the world, Netflix employs the use of machine learning technology to improve user experience and increase revenue.

A well-known feature of Netflix is personalized recommendations for TV shows and movies. A clever machine learning algorithm analyses your watch history and compares it to other users with a similar taste. This data is then used to predict what you might enjoy watching next. Pretty cool, huh?

#3. is an innovative new platform that makes use of machine learning and AI to match people to the right jobs.

The Eightfold Talent Exchange is a new platform built recently to help people find a job during difficult times. Eightfold has partnered with several other companies to offer a free machine learning-based solution to their hiring needs.

#4. Facebook

It likely comes as no surprise that Facebook is now one of the top companies when it comes to machine learning and AI.

Machine learning is predominantly employed within Facebook Messenger to create innovative chatbots that interact with customers. This way, companies can automate much of their customer service process and free up time and resources for other means.

#5. Salesforce

Salesforce is a customer relations platform. Salesforce has developed its own machine learning applications, capable of predicting leads and scoring potential clients.

Salesforce’s machine learning tech allows companies to analyze customer relationships and build more detailed customer profiles. This means more effective customer service and better sales pitches.

#6. Baidu

Baidu is a Chinese search engine that’s building innovative AI technology to rival that of Google. The company’s latest development is ‘Deep Voice’ – a deep learning algorithm that can generate realistic human voices.

When it comes to deep learning vs machine learning, they are very similar concepts. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning based on artificial neural networks.

The Future of Technology

AI and machine learning is one of the fastest-growing industries in the entire world. Many companies are successfully employing the use of machine learning technology to grow and automate their business.

If you enjoyed this post on the practical use of machine learning, then be sure to read more about the innovative application of artificial intelligence in 2020.

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