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Chuwi RZBOX – The world’s first AMD RYZEN 4900H Mini PC announced – CPU Test

Chuwi RZBOX – The world’s first AMD RYZEN 4900H Mini PC announced – CPU Test

Chuwi RZBOX CPU TestPC. The Chuwi RZBOX Mini PC is available for pre-order via Crowdfunding on the official website. The benchmark results released by the company reveals that the new PC is expected to set new benchmarks.

Chuwi RZBOX Mini PC has scored 1129 points in single-core and 6745 points in multi-core runs respectively. The benchmark score indicates that the AMD Ryzen 9 Series 4900H is 38% higher than the best-selling flagship CPU Ryzen 5 Series 4600H and average than Apple M1 octa-core processor. The running score test is 25% higher according to the synchronized data of professional running score evaluation. The comprehensive running score of the Ryzen 9 Series 4900H surpasses 90% of the world’s existing computer CPUs. The combat power of the Ryzen 9 Series 4900H can rank among the top 10% high-performance ranks.

The processor showed amazing results when compared with Intel in another third-party running score evaluation.

Chuwi RZBOX adopts the high-performance APU technology solution of CPU+GPU combination with integrated AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics. The latest 7nm manufacturing process is coupled with 8-core GPU with support for HEVC/VP9 and other 4K60 frame hard decoding. According to the iGPU-FP32 test score, the AMD Ryzen 9 Series 4900H has a core display score of 1792, which is close to the 1933 score of Intel’s 2021 Iris Xe MAX, which is Intel’s strongest discrete graphics card. With a difference of only 7%, the performance can be compared with the latest mainstream notebook standalone display. AMD Radeon graphics technology produce premium color display, vivid sound quality, frame rate assurance, multi-tasking and optimization support. The Graphics produced by the PC brings in a more immersive and wonderful experience.Shop premium tablet pc.

Chuwi conduced the actual test of the RZBOX Mini PC on a real machine running the latest NBA2K21 with 60FPS. While OVERWATCH runs stable more than 68FPS, the FORTNITE & APEX garnered a stable 60FPS. AMD Ryzen9 4900H performed well when compared with i9-9980H in video rendering and decoding with improved Handbrake video transcoding performance by 23% and Blender image rendering performance by 56%.

Talking about PCMark10, Chuwi RZBOX achieved a score of 9004 in the 4900H foundation, 7838 in the productivity index, and 5099 in the digital content creation. In the Geeks3D Furmark test, the fire-roast mode of the GPU was stable with enhanced performance and temperature control even under extreme high load.

Chuwi has placed RZBOX Mini PC powered by AMD R9 4900H processor as the most cost-effective device in comparison with the advanced gaming computers. According to company sources, the Mini PC is estimated to be priced between $500 to $600 with special offers. Chuwi expects that the RZBOX is tipped to be the cost-effective Mini PC in 2021 after the official launch.

The AMD 4000H series is positioned as a smooth and ultimate performance CPU family for modern games and creative designs. The R9 4900H is the strongest model in this series and the most popular CPU choice in the Chuwi collection. The company hopes that the RZBOX will become the top premium Mini PC with the ultimate performance.

The Chuwi RZBOX Mini PC is equipped with AMD Ryzen 9 4900H high-performance standard voltage processor, which emerged as a frontrunner based on the opinion gathered from over 10000 users globally. The manufacturing process has been upgraded from 12nm to TSMC 7nm. Moreover, the chipset adopts the third-generation Ryzen’s Zen2 architecture coupled with 8 cores and 16 threads. The base frequency is 3.3GHz, while the highest turbo frequency reaches 4.4GHz. The AMD official data suggests that the Ryzen 9 4900H is the strongest mobile processor in the Ryzen 4000 series. The super performance-to-power ratio enable the processor to perform at par with traditional desktops at lower power consumption.

Chuwi launched the RZBOX Mini PC event pre-sale page recently on its official website. The process involves subscribing to the email service. The team will inform selected customers with the next steps after October 12. In addition to limited-time discount, the company has reserved 10 units of the RZBOX for Giveaway purposes. Grab the golden opportunity for an ultra-powerful Mini PC experience.

Price and availability

Sales of this news will begin on October 12 and on Chuwi manufacturer’s website it is possible to make a registration, which will result in some discount on acquisition. As for the price, it should start at about 500 dollars, which is less than 11 thousand crowns without VAT. In terms of price to performance, we clearly have the most advantageous mini PC today.

For more information and participation in RZBOX crowdfunding pre-sale activities, please visit the official Chuwi site.

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