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Blue Yeti Review

Blue Yeti Review

Blue Yeti Review

Are you a streamer or a gamer who is looking for a premium quality microphone? I believe you have heard about Blue Yeti microphones before and that you know how much they are loved in the gaming industry. This microphone is of premium quality, and it is known for having 4 different polar patterns that will allow you to manipulate your voice in whatever way you want it. It works well for many different things, and it is really versatile.

Blue Yeti microphones really have a great reputation for their ability to deliver perfectly clear sound and eliminate all sorts of background noise with ease. It is also very popular because on its side, you can find a mute button, which is a rare addition and really can’t be found on most microphones you have on the market these days. They are also pretty affordable, so even beginner gamers and streamers can afford to invest in this piece.

Advantages of using a Blue Yeti microphone

  • Sound quality – the Blue Yeti microphone is known for having 4 different polar patterns that will allow you to pick up all types of sounds. It has a 3 capsule array that will allow you to easily switch between these patterns. The best pattern you can use as a streamer or gamer is the cardioid one, and it works amazing for podcasting too. There is also an omnidirectional mode that will be able to pick up sounds equally from all directions. You can also rely on the bidirectional and stereo mode, which will allow you to film well in all sorts of environments. The Blue Yeti microphones are able to deliver impeccable sound in all sorts of environments, and since they have a volume control option, you can really rely on them all the time. Since it has a headphone jack too, it is able to record everything without any delays so that you won’t be afraid about the quality of your sound. There won’t be too much bass either, which really shows you how good the cardioid mode is on this one, but this can also be a disadvantage to some streamers or gamers. Overall, the sound quality is probably the best you will get for this price, and users claim that it is a lot better than many more expensive mics too. In my opinion, this is the best budget microphone for streaming, and I would recommend it to anyone, both experienced gamers, and complete beginners.
  • Ease of use – The Blue Yeti microphones are extremely easy to use, which is probably the thing that made them so popular in the first place. All of them come with a special Blue Sherpa software that allows you to control all the aspects of the sound with ease. The moment you install your Blue Yeti mic on the computer, you should download this software that will provide you with access to all settings. You can use some of the monitoring options, gain control, and modify the headphone volume until you create the perfect one. The whole software is pretty simple, and the Settings bar is quite easy to navigate through, so it can really be used by complete beginners with no problems. Outside of that, you can really set the microphone wherever and however you want, and it is easily turned on and off by a simple button. I would recommend using it a bit further away, just so the frequency can be more clear and your voice won’t sound too sharp. On its left side, you will also be able to find a mute button which is a very rare feature on microphones these days. It will allow you to mute the voice for a minute or two and easily turn it back on when you want the recording to continue.
  • Design – the design of all Blue Yeti devices is quite simple and sophisticated, and even though they don’t look too attractive on streams, they will do the job well, which should be the most important thing. It also comes with a solid stand that you can easily rotate, which makes it the perfect choice for all excited streamers. Its build quality is amazing, and it has a metal body, so it definitely won’t break easily. You can also easily add a boom arm which can be very useful, so I would consider this option too.
  • Frequency response and polar patterns – As we have already mentioned, this amazing microphone has 4 polar patterns that you can easily switch between, and that will provide you with the sound that you desire. You will be able to manipulate the sound completely while using them, and you can modify the patterns according to your needs. The frequency response is quite good, and it goes from 20 Hz to 20 kHz that will really provide you with recordings of great quality.

This Blue Yeti microphone is really of amazing build quality, and it is quite enduring, so you can really take it around with you all the time without the fear that it will break. They are also compatible with different types of computers and laptops, which is an amazing thing too.

Users claim that the most important thing you should do when using this microphone, especially if you want to get a high-quality recording, is keeping it at a proper distance. It can’t really produce a good sound if you are keeping it way too close to your mouth, so you should really take care of the positions and make sure to adjust it in a way that will provide you with the best sound.

However, just like all the devices you can find on the market these days, the Blue Yeti microphones also have some pros and cons, and we will discuss all of these things in the article.

Pros of Blue Yeti microphone

  • Enduring
  • Affordable
  • 4 polar patterns
  • Has a headphone jack
  • Good frequency response
  • Simple design

Cons of Blue Yeti microphone

  • Doesn’t have bass
  • You need to keep it at a distance if you want a good sound.

Even though there may be a few disadvantages to it, this is really a premium quality microphone that provides its users with amazing settings and high-quality recordings. It is of amazing build quality, and it is quite enduring, so you can really be sure that it will last you for a long period of time.

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