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Best VPN for Betting Sites

Best VPN for Betting Sites

Best VPN for Betting Sites

A VPN or “Virtual Private Network” is software used on your computer and phone that provides an alternative gateway to the Internet. The software routes your connection through a different access point so that the ISP or Internet Service Provider cannot see your actual IP.

Why are these important for betting sites? Well, in certain countries online gambling is not allowed, so you may want to circumvent this by tricking the site into thinking you are from one of the countries it caters to. Also, there are certain sites that only cater to their domestic markets like SkyBet for the UK so, using a VPN with a UK IP address will allow you to register and use the SkyBet site.

How to Choose a VPN for Accessing Betting Sites

VPN’s are not only for watching something like content on the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK? The geo-based restrictions prevent you from watching it from say the US but the VPN will make it seem as though your IP is from that country. Most VPN providers typically have up to hundreds of servers, where you can choose your “location IP” so you can access a bigger range of betting websites.

Betting Sites Often Accessed Via VPNs

There are many sites now offering no-deposit promotions and deposit bonuses that
are often unavailable to citizens living and working overseas even though they hold
citizenship in a country that is able to claim a bonus but are not currently living there.
The IP address can restrict the ability to claim a no deposit bonus bet. However,
many bookmakers are accessible via VPN and as long as you can prove your home
address and ID is from a country able to claim the bookmakers’ no deposit, welcome
bonus and regular bonus offers, then you can get free bonus bets.

Security and Privacy

The other benefit of using a VPN is security and privacy. Your betting site holds your login credentials but also personal information like Date of Birth and Payment information so, allowing fraudsters to gain this information could lead to significant financial loss.

Most public or free Wi-Fi networks, although very convenient, are unsecure carrying many risks for users of snoopers, viruses, and phishing that can compromise your data, email messages or even passwords to sensitive information.

However, a good VPN with an encryption protocol and anonymous browsing will help protect you from such online risks. Your betting site holds your login credentials but also personal information like Date of Birth and Payment information so, allowing fraudsters to gain this information could lead to significant financial loss.

Important Features “No Logs” and “Kill Switches”

There are two other important features of a good VPN when connecting to your betting site. “No Logs” means that the VPN will not store your data or search history. Without this information they do not have your activity and behaviour to sell onto marketing companies, often the downside of free VPN services. The next feature is “Kill Switches” which cut your connection from the internet in case the VPN service drops out. This means that you cannot browse unintentionally without a secure connection.

Top 5 VPN’s Reviewed Most Often

VPNs have come down in price although that is not the only concern when selecting who you use. Have a look at the top 5 we think you should consider.

Surfshark – the budget option with secure servers that are fast.

ExpressVPN – one of the more established brands with some of the best security features and good speeds depending on your location.

CyberGhost – pretty cheap and they let you subscribe month by month, so if it doesn’t suit your needs you can switch after a month. Not so many servers.

PrivateVPN – a good all-rounder with multiple servers for many countries and dedicated servers for most of the major countries.

NordVPN – one of the favourites because of speed and server choice.


The only other things you have to look out for from a provider is speed of your connection and the reliability of consistent connection. Some VPNs do give you a trial period, because there is nothing that compares to using the VPN for some of your typical browsing and online work to really know how good it is.

Review Best VPN for Betting Sites.

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