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Best Tig Welder Under 2000 – Review by Computer Tech Reviews
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Best Tig Welder Under 2000 – Review by Computer Tech Reviews

Welcome to 2019, where the world has come so far that almost every budget product has become advanced and is capable of fulfilling our needs. TIG welders are a part of this advanced technology that plays a vital role in today’s construction material. Since you are here on this page, I assume you already need a Best Tig welder under 2000, and no lies, it’s available at many other places, then why this one?

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TIG welder can be a hard thing to manage and work with. For almost every other TIG welder, it is important that you are skilful and has a good professional experience with MIG welders. However, this TIG welder by Mophorn is just as easy and safe to use for the beginners as MIG welder. This certainly is good news because not many other TIG welders are a piece of cake, and most demand you to take a course session before using it. Have a look at its features to and make a wise decision.



Everything in this machine can be controlled with a single button and specific knobs for each function. As we have talked about its easy-to-use system above, you would like to know that output current can be adjusted and controlled with a knob! Yes, just as easy as it sounds. Please note that for TIG welding it is 20-200A and for Arc welding it is 20-180A. By using the knob, adjust the current within this limit according to your need and have this machine work exactly how you want it to!


TIG welders certainly works the best for thin materials, so if you are professional welder, who has to make his money by bending a thin material, then do not waste another second and click on the “add to cart” button because it’s a promise, this welder works the best to have a precise and an accurate welding. Use this welder to the precision that you want and shape it into the demanded material without messing it up!


This TIG welder is not only a welder but also an arc stick welder. What’s better than having two functions in a single machine!?


You should know the power that you need to weld a certain material, and if it is 110V or 220V, then there’s no other better TIG welder in the market than this dual input voltage welder. Above all, it’s safe due to its voltage compensation function which can deal with the fluctuations in your power network, so you can relax about it being damaged if you are in an area where there are frequent fluctuations in power network.


Need to weld steel, stainless steel, titanium or copper brass? The machine that you need to do it is certainly this TIG welder because it is compatible with maximum 3.2mm acid and alkaline electrodes! I’ve heard of many situations in which the TIG welders were damaged due to overheating or other reasons. To prevent you from facing such an unfortunate situation, Morphin has added a system of protection against overheating, over-current and over-voltage which is for your peace of mind so that you don’t have to exhaust yourself by stressing about its longevity.


Its powerful cooling system is also to protect the welder. 0-10s is the time for current decay time, which of course can be adjusted and as for gas delay, the time duration is of 0-15s.


Keeping in view all of its advantages and extended features, here is what you can use this welder for; you can use for machinery manufacturing, the processing of sheet metal, guardrail, the maintenance of automotive, large projects (including professional-level projects), factory, shipyard, construction field etc.

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TIG welders are known for providing high-quality results and for neat curves and bends. And if you are one of those looking for attraction in their work and not just

a boring welding machine which doesn’t excite you, then you should know that this welder is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it will also make it so easy for you to use that work won’t feel like a burden anymore. Instead, you will feel proud of yourself after what you create using this welder, and you should, because it’s your skill and this welding machine’s amazing quality that you were able to produce such a satisfying product!

Out of all of the uses mentioned above, if any one of these is similar to your purpose, then we highly recommend that you buy this multi-purpose TIG welder to not only produce amazing material but also be the best welder in town!

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