TIRED of taking the medicines to relax your muscles? Well, it’s time to say GOODBYE to them!

Long days or an unusual workload can result in stress which you might be experiencing right now. Stressed brains mean tight muscles, which means physical pain.

Let’s break this cycle! The safest and most affordable way is to use TENS and EMS combo which reduces physical pain using two different techniques.


According to a study, taking a lot of medicines to reduce stress or physical pain can affect your daily life. But why worry!? TENS and EMS combined units come withe zero side effects only to offer you a DRUG-FREE therapy.

These portable units can be used everywhere, at home, in the office, in the playground, just anywhere! Since they are comthe pact, easy to use, and light in weight, they’re perfect for daily use. So say HELLO to these units and a GOODBYE to expensive physiotherapy sessions!


TENS – TENS, trans-cutaneous electric nerve stimulation, reduces pain by stimulating nerves. This means that they increase the release of endorphins and resets the pain signals in the area hurting.

EMS – EMS, electric muscle stimulation, also reduces pain but without affecting the pain signals. They cause the muscles to contract and are good for treating inflammation or swelling.


Since they are a long term treatment option, it’s important to consider the following features before you buy one:

SIZE AND WEIGHT: For someone who travels a lot and suffers from daily physical pain, make sure that the size and the weight of your unit are light and compact enough to be easily carried around!

INTENSITY CONTROL: Different units offer different range of strengths which determine the intensity of the electrical stimulation. Patients, after consulting with their physicians, should buy an adequate device so that they do not waste money and energy!

COMBO UNIT: Instead of buying TENS AND EMS separately, it is wise to opt for a device that comes with BOTH of these!

If you are someone who’s about to buy it online, make sure to go through the reviews. But that can be an exhausting thing to do! So we have already narrowed down for you iReliev’s combo unit which is perfect for chronic and acute pain, and is rated 4 STARS!


This device, specially designed for athletics, is the perfect one to choose when buying TENS and EMS units. It is easy to use and AFFORDABLE. It covers all the features that a good combo unit should have, and its positive reviews show that it holds up to its claim! Plus, it has been approved by a licensed PT for reducing physical pain.


We want you to be sure of your choice, and therefore we have listed down for you it’s features that will fulfill all of your demands!

SMALL IN SIZE: It is portable and extremely convenient to carry around! It has a 1.43 inches LCD screen and a weight of only 13.6 ounces. Don’t cancel your next trip due to your pain, just add this little device to your packing!

TWO IN ONE: As mentioned above, it is wise to choose the device having both TENS and EMS. Luckily this device is from that category which means it can relieve pain (TENS) and improve muscle strength and help you recover from injuries (EMS).

AS TENS: It includes 7 TENS pain relief modes and 1 arthritis TENS modes. This generates a safe output sensation that blocks pain and increases endorphin levels.

AS EMS: It has 6 strength recovery EMS modes which improve your blood flow which strengths your muscles. This means that you can finally tear that prescription paper and quit taking those pills!

OTHER FEATURES: It comes with 25 levels of 80 mA intensity, which you can set according to the intensity of your pain. Tired of turning it on and off? No worries, it comes with a 5-60 minutes adjustable timer, so just set the time and relax!


If you’re someone who wants to avoid physical therapy sessions and is looking for an alternate, then YES you should opt for this device. It has been recommended by many physical therapists and by far is one of the effective yet safe methods to relieve pain.

Throw out those pills and get yourself this device, and forget how it feels like to live with pain!