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Best Operating System For Mobile in 2022

Best Operating System For Mobile in 2022

The world has drastically changed in the last 20 years. Can you imagine that you communicated with your friends in old school way? Or you would go to the library to learn something about a topic that you were interested in if it weren’t for technology. But now, we use the internet on our mobile phones to communicate, find a location and search for a piece of specific information. Thanks to fast-growing technology, we can do almost anything on our mobile devices. According to Bankmycell’s report, 91% of people are using mobile phones in the world. Smartphones are not less popular. 83% of people are using smartphones. Mobile phones entered our lives so fast and so impactful that we cannot imagine living without a mobile phone now. The question is not about having a mobile phone or not anymore. It is about picking the best mobile phone for ourselves. Let’s start with the fundamentals: which operating system for mobile is the best in 2022?

What Is a Mobile Operating System?

A mobile operating system is basically software that runs applications. Don’t underestimate operating systems considering applications such as the ones that we see on App Store and Play Store. Operating systems run any kind of application on mobile phones including user interface and the most basic feature like the clock. That is why most iPhone users claim that they cannot use Android phones while Android users say the same for iPhones. Operating systems provide different experiences to the users.

Most Popular Mobile Operating Systems

Even if technology is growing so fast and there are many attempts to build new devices, we are familiar with three mobile operating systems. Here are the most popular operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows OS

Let’s take a closer look at these OS.


iOS devices share a huge amount of market cap with Android. As we mentioned above it provides a different user experience than the other devices. It means that you use different kinds of taps and finger moves on the mobile screen. We can say that Apple creates its own technology universe for its users. Because, if you are using another OS, you cannot download any application from App Store. iOS is a special operating system that is only compatible with iPhone, iPad and macOS devices.

If you are curious about which features are better than the other operating systems, initially iOS is best in camera features. iOS users are able to shoot higher-quality photos and better frames while recording videos. The other and more important feature is security. iOS devices provide better security to their users. Apple is quite strict about security matters. At least the company promotes the operating system like this. We have witnessed many security issues on iOS devices. Not as much as the other operating systems but there are still breach points. It is better to use a fast VPN for iOS devices though. One advantage of iOS (the users might love the most) is the compatibility with all iOS devices. When you match your phone, Mac, and accessories you have a smooth experience. In addition, data transfer between multiple iPhones is quite fast.


Android is currently the leading operating system in the world. It is produced by Google in 2008. From then to now, many big companies including Samsung, HTS, Sony, and many more choose Android as the OS. What makes Android the most popular is its flexibility. As an open-source operating system, its file extension is .apk. While you can find Android applications on Play Store, you are able to upload .apk files to your mobile phone and run an application. It sounds like only the geeks use this way to have an app on their phone but this method is quite popular actually. However, it is not secure. When you download an app from Play Store, it has already been reviewed by Google’s algorithm. There is still a security issue possibility but this way is the safer one with no doubt.

Since Android is an open-source operating system, it provides a wider playground than the other operating systems to its users. This is the best feature of Android. Having many free apps is the result of this though.

Windows OS

Not popular as much as the other two operating systems, Windows is accepted as the most popular third operating system. Since it is being developed by Microsoft, the expectation is high. Compared with iOS and Android, it provides poor performance until now. Windows OS is still a working alternative though. When we consider that compatibility is one of the most important things in technology today, there is no surprise that the majority of people are using the two OS.


These popular operating systems show us that there are a couple of things that make them popular. Flexibility and user experience are the biggest impact on device choices. Security and compatibility look like not the priority but they are getting more important for users. And reliability is another thing that affects users’ choices. Behind these three operating systems, there are really big technology companies.

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