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How To Become A Professional Gamer
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How To Become A Professional Gamer

Professional gaming is opening doors for young gamers. Although the vast majority of players are still in it for fun, a rising class of elites are using their skills and experience to earn a living doing what they love. eSports is a serious business given the high level of competition at the top. Only few make it to the biggest tournaments but that does not deter people from trying. After all, the rewards are great, and the struggles make victory much sweeter. Would you like to become a professional gamer? Then read on to find out how.

Way to Earn as a Pro

First, let’s explore the ways in which a gamer can make a living as a professional. They may focus on just one or activate all of these streams of income.

1. Tournament Prizes

The prize money in eSports tournaments have been rising in the past few years. Some of the biggest competitions are able to pool millions of dollars for the winners. This attracts the best players from different parts of the globe and makes the battles much more interesting. The best players can hit a home run for performing well in esports tournaments. However, it should be noted only that only a few will get to take home money among the competitors.

2. Player Salary

Training for tournaments is as taxing as the training for any other kind of sport. It takes months of focused preparation and with long hours each day. Since it leaves no time to engage in another job, team members are given a salary by their management. They are also provided with ideal training facilities including the latest hardware, fast Internet, and accommodations. The base salary differs with each team. They may get bonuses for winning and other accomplishments.

3. Sponsorships

Those who make a name for themselves in the gaming community may be tapped by companies for their marketing campaigns. They could be brand ambassadors online and offline. In exchange, they could get sponsorships money for the duration of their contracts. Some sponsorships are for a winning team instead of an individual. The amounts will depend on the value of the partnership for the initiating company. This could be a short-term or a long-term partnership.

4. Ad Revenues

Gamers who like to exercise greater control over their earnings might start their own YouTube channel. This may contain streamed games, tutorials, or other types of content. Creators will need to listen to the demands of their viewers to maximize their ad revenues. Those who can consistently rack up hundreds of thousands or even millions of views can earn a decent amount of money this way. The trick is building a community that will stand by for every video release.

5. Subscriptions

Of course, there are other platforms and ways to make money online as a pro gamer. For example, some get additional money from their Twitch accounts. A person can become an affiliate or a partner by passing all of the listed requirements. Earn by getting more subscribers and cheers. You can also get a cut if your viewers buy games, crates, or in-game items. Even if the per item dollar value is small, it can add up to a nice sum through scale.

Strategies for Improving as a Gamer

If you like the thought of turning pro, then you have to prove your worth just like any athlete. Improve as a gamer through the following strategies:

1. Have a Solid Reason for Going Pro

It’s a long and hard road. There will be many failures and setbacks along the way. You need to be mentally strong to continue when everything is going against you. There has to be a solid reason for the decision to turn pro. You will need to repeat this “why” every time you encounter difficulties. It will give you the energy to step forward when you want to turn back. You can read more at eSports League Fans on how some part-time gamers became professionals.

2. Find a Game that Suits Your Strengths

Optimize your strengths by specializing in a game that you excel at. Try a lot of different titles but focus on the ones that the pros play. How do you fare against the competition? The intersection of what you love and what you do well can be your path to greatness. It can take a while to find this so be patient with yourself. Keep an open mind as you might uncover hidden talents.

3. Upgrade Your Hardware

The reality of esports is that it is highly dependent on technology. Having the most advanced equipment is certainly a competitive advantage. You will be able to see more clearly and detect movements faster than your rivals. The split-second difference can mean the difference between winning and losing. Of course, upgrading your hardware is an expensive task. Find ways to source the funds and make every dollar count with sensible purchases.

4. Learn from Better Players

In order to get to where you want to go, you need to surround yourself with people who are already there. Look for players who are better than you. Talk to them and hang out if possible. Observe what they do and ask as many questions as possible. See how they practice and check out their gaming setup. Learn about their backgrounds, their setbacks, and their triumphs for inspiration.

5. Get Coaching from a Pro

If you want more focused learning, then consider getting coaching from a pro. A coach will be your partner in analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. Someone who has already reached the top can show you how to get there yourself. By paying for coaching services, you can have a ready source of information any time you need it.

6. Dedicate Yourself to Practice

After accumulating all of that knowledge, dedicate yourself to practice each and every day. Repetition will build muscle memory such that playing will become second nature to you. You will know every inch of the world within the game and notice all the weakness of the enemies. You will figure out when to use every weapon. Try everything and make as many mistakes as possible in practice so that you will know what to avoid in actual tournaments.

7. Compete in Local Tournaments

Indeed, the last strategy is to join local tournaments or any competition that will accept you. Pit your wits against others so that you can see how far you’ve come and how far you need to go. Remember that losing is part of the journey. You may learn more by losing than by winning every tournament you enter. The important thing is that you take the lessons with you no matter the outcome.

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