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A Guide to Prepare for AWS Certification 2022

A Guide to Prepare for AWS Certification 2022

A Guide to Prepare for AWS Certification 2022 – The AWS Certification exam date is nearing, and you are stressed about how to prepare for it, right? Well, let us tell you, cracking the AWS certification exam is not rocket science. To help you figure out how to do that, we have prepared this blog that tells you about 6 steps to follow to excel in the AWS Certification exam in 2022 itself.

The AWS Certification is launched by one of the fastest growing cloud service platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS), as a credential to validate the skillset and knowledge of cloud professionals and create a space for them.

AWS  Certification is one of the most prestigious professional certificates you can have to kickstart your career in the IT universe. So, without wasting a second, let us know how to prepare for AWS Certification right now.

Here are the 6 preparation steps to follow to pass the AWS Certification exam in 2022:

Choose The Type

The first step to cracking the AWS certification exam is to choose which type of AWS certification you want to pursue. There are in total 11 certifications that AWS currently has under its roof, among which 6 certifications are core, and 5 are specialty certifications.

To succeed in the AWS certification exam, you should first choose the right category among the 11 certifications. Choose your category of certification, keeping in mind your expertise, skillset and most importantly, your field of interest instead of opting for the one in trend.

Stay Updated

AWS keeps updating its policies, regularly brings in new features for the betterment of the certification exam, and has a reputation for maintaining the best quality. However, as an aspirant, you need to match foot with the AWS platform to crack the AWS certification exam.

Keep a tab on the new features launched by the platform and keep yourself updated. Pay special attention to the aspects and changes brought during the last 6 months from the exam date.

Observe Less, Implement More

The internet is overflowing with preparation tips, how-to videos, exam tips, and a lot of other topics related to AWS certification. However, not all these contents are productive and valuable. Often, some bits and pieces are found in those content to be false information.

Hence, you should be careful in doing a filtering process, pick out the most valuable content, and religiously follow only them instead of binge-reading or watching. Most importantly, implement the information you gathered from the content you watch and make the best use of it.

Read The Whitepapers

The information you need about the AWS certification and AWS as an overall platform can be found in the AWS whitepapers. They are considered the bible of the AWS certification exam.

Anybody determined to pass the AWS certification exam must keep the AWS Whitepapers on top of all the other resources of study they have in hand. These whitepapers will keep you updated about the certification exam and help you stay on track.

Enrol in AWS Cert Training

The vast syllabus of the AWS certification exam is challenging and might make you feel overwhelmed at times. Cracking the exam though not rocket science but is not a cakewalk as well.

To ace the AWS certification exam, you will need proper guidance and training that will help you overcome the hardships you face while preparing for it. Get into the AWS Certification training where the industry leaders join hands to coach you to give your best.

Get Practical Experience

Comprehending the AWS cert exam will get much simpler for you if you can get some practical experience working on the platform. Join internships on small wages to gain hands-on experience on the AWS platform.

You can also help nonprofit organisations scale their business by working and getting some on-field experience for your future. This will also help you get better job prospects after passing the certification exam.

We hope this 6 step guide on preparation for AWS certification for 2022 has helped you get clarity of what to do. Our recommendation is to start prepping up for the exam at this very minute instead of waiting to gather information and then begin. This will help you learn in the process. Best of luck!

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