There is no denying that technology has made the majority of things throughout the world a whole lot better, however there will be some that may argue that there are certain things that have perhaps suffered due to continued innovation and advancements that are experienced.

The iGaming industry is certainly one market sector that will perhaps divide opinion for many, with it rather clear that there are a number of benefits that have been experienced since the technology available has gotten better.

Indeed, many will argue that we are now able to play and choose from a wider array of game titles across a variety of different categories, whilst others have been given a lift that was needed as they had started to become rather tired.

For example, the live dealer casino games at Casumo are perhaps just some of the types of games that have benefited greatly from the use of technology, however there will be some that will question if it actually has and will suggest that the traditional casino experience will be lost because of it.

Why will the traditional casino experience be lost?

One of the obvious reasons many will suggest that the traditional casino experience will be lost due to the continued improvements and availability of live dealer games is because of the authentic experience that they are able to offer.

Players can now feel as though they have been immersed into a traditional physical establishment when they play these games as the technology used is incredible and can provide them with a realistic experience. For instance, players can now see the game be played out live as if they were sitting at the table themselves despite playing on a device such as a computer or a smartphone.

Naturally, one of the benefits that can be experienced is the fact that players now have more accessibility and a greater level of convenience compared to before, therefore potentially hampering the traditional experience that would be offered, as more and more people would be less inclined to go to a brick-and-mortar venue.

Live dealer games will not replace the traditional casino experience

Although the concern about live dealer games taking over the traditional casino experience can be a real possibility and perhaps a scary threat, there are a number of reasons that would suggest that this will not be the case, despite the authentic experiences that continue to be offered.

Indeed, players will still want to be able to go to a physical establishment because they know they will not get the same experience whilst playing digitally as if they were to actually be at a venue in-person, whilst many will continue to go and visit the venue for the social experience and the entertainment that they continue to provide.

Furthermore, many places around the world have become tourist destinations for the casino establishments that they have situated within the area, with each of them continuing to pull in vast numbers of visitors; think Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Macau as just some of them.


Although there will be a legitimate concern that live dealer games will replace the traditional casino experience, it would perhaps be rather difficult to see it completely replace it in the future. Whilst these games provide a greater level of convenience and accessibility, for many, there is no replacing the social aspect, as well as the environment and atmosphere a brick-and-mortar venue provides.