Apple Tv Remote Mute Button [Some Added Feature]

Apple introduced its first-ever apple tv remote in 2015, and ever since, the company has been trying to upgrade the Apple remote with the latest technology and advanced features.

Finally, in 2021, the second-generation Apple TV remote shook everyone in awe because of better options and the additional Apple TV remote mute button near the volume button.

The older version of the Apple remote lacks the mute button, which helps you mute the TV’s sound regardless of the volume button.

This article will give you complete details regarding the latest Apple tv Siri remote advanced features, such as the mute button.

Apple Tv Remote Mute Button And The Highlighting Features

The latest Apple tv remote or the second-generation Apple tv remote is better than the older version of the Apple Siri Remote.

The New Apple TV Siri Remote is dominating the market after the older versions are no longer available.

Also, it is compatible with the new apple tv 4k and is readily available online for less than $100.

The new Apple remote is an upgraded version of the ‘Original Siri Remote.’

The latest Siri Remote has some highlighting differences from the older version, which are as follows:

Mute Button

There was no mute button in the older version of Apple’s remote. Hence, if you wish to lower the sound, you need to decrease the volume control button.

However, the new Siri remote version has solved this problem.

There is a mute button near the volume button at the remote base, or ask Siri to do so through voice command.

Clickpad And Back Button

The new version or second-generation Apple TV remote has a back button near the control center or tv button.

Therefore, every time you wish to get back, you need to ask Siri through voice command.

Similarly, the latest version of the Apple remote has a clickpad ring with touch sensors.

The clickpad ensures selecting options by easy touch.

Size And Siri Button

The newly launched Apple remote is more significant in size than the old remote.

Secondly, it has a silver aluminum frame, unlike the entire black frame in the old remote.

Hence it is less likely to get lost and is easier to spot, and the Siri button placement is at the top of the remote in the latest version.

Can I Use The Apple Watch As The Remote Control For My Apple TV?

The answer is YES, and you can use your watch to control your Apple TV. To do so, you need to search through the settings in your Apple watch.

Choose the appropriate options for the remote control. The options may vary for different Apple watch series.

It is an advanced feature of the Apple watch, and these features make Apple products known and in demand in the market.

There are undoubtedly other devices to operate your Apple TV if you do not have an Apple Remote.

Some Advanced Features

You can use the Play or Pause button and many other dedicated buttons in your Apple watch to program your Apple tv.

However, the Siri option may not work other than the Apple remote.

The Siri option enables your voice command to execute tasks and play your favorite shows and movies. You need to command ” Hey Siri,” and Siri will be there to assist you.

How To Resolve Your Apple Tv Remote Issues?

Sometimes, if your Apple tv remote mute button is not working or having some issues, it is advisable that you should consider making some changes.

These changes can be at the software level or the hardware level.

You can check the video to get more information.

Some of the factors that you shall ensure are as follows:

Replacing The New Battery:

If you notice that your new Siri remote or the Apple tv remote is not working correctly, it may have some issues.

Changing the battery of your remote could make your remote work better.

It could be a possibility that your remote battery has become weak.

Altering The System Settings:

Secondly, there can be some problems in the remote settings.

To resolve any setting issues, you need to press the control center button or the tv button to stop and then start the remote again.

The remote of your Apple tv may have lost the connection due to the increased range between the remote and the Apple tv.

Distance Between The Tv And The Remote:

The Apple remote works with the Bluetooth connection, and if the Bluetooth connection has some disturbance, the remote will not work.

Ensure that the distance from your Apple remote to your tv must be within 10 cm.

Can My Apple TV Work With Another Remote?

Your Apple Tv can work with the old Siri remote, the LG TV magic remote, and the GE Universal Remote Control.

However, the latest version of the Apple TV works best with the redesigned Siri remote.

You need to go to the control center or press the TV button of your Apple Tv remote, select the menu button, and from there, you need to select the option of ‘adding a remote.’

You can also download the Apple Tv remote App in your IOS and use your phone as a remote control for your Apple TV.

Hence you can easily use your new or old Apple TV by installing your favorite apps, such as the Fire TV with Dolby Atmos sound quality.

You can alter the setting through the Apple Tv app and select the settings as per your requirements.

Some Additional Information

What Is The Function101 Button Remote?

The function 101 button remote is a substitute for the secondary remote for the Apple tv.

The controller remote has the controls for many options, such as forwarding, playing, pausing, or a power button.

However, the function 101 button remote lacks the Siri Button but has many other controls.

How Effective Is The Magic Remote?

The LG company launched the magic remote specifically for the LG TV like LG 80 series Alexa built-in tv.

However, the magic remote is more like a universal remote that you can use as a remote control for other tv brands.

Thus, you can conveniently use the magic remote with your Apple TV or any other smart tv.

Is It Possible To Use The Universal Remote On The Macbook Pro?

Yes, it is much more likely to use the universal remote on the Macbook Pro.

It would help if you made some changes in your Macbook Pro to enable the universal remote.

However, you can use the new remote to connect the Macbook Pro to the Apple tv.

Why Is My Apple Remote Not Working?

If there is any problem with your Apple remote working, you should check the remote settings.

Secondly, the software of your Apple tv may or may not be updated.

Thus, you should check for the software issues after ensuring no hardware issues or problems with the battery.

Finally, Is The New Siri Remote A Complete Package?

The second-generation Apple tv remote, also known as the new Siri remote, is the upgraded and advanced version of the old remote.

The new Apple tv remote has all the options from the newly introduced Apple Tv Remote Mute Button or the more giant size remote.

Undoubtedly the new apple remote is the complete package in every aspect. It has all the essential buttons lacking in the older version.

The users are finding it to be more user-friendly than the older version. Therefore, the new Siri remote is perfect in every aspect and easy to use.

It’s also worth checking out TipsMotions for assistance and guides on the MacBook, MacBook & Widows PC accessories, Gaming console, and Monitor, as well as their maintenance & installing tips.

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