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A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Amazon CloudSearch (With Examples)

A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Amazon CloudSearch (With Examples)


With Amazon CloudSearch, you can instantly add extensive search capabilities to your website or app. You don’t need to become a search expert or worry about sourcing, configuring, and also maintaining hardware. With just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, you can easily create a search domain and load the data you want to include in searches. Amazon CloudSearch will automatically provision the necessary resources and implement a finely tuned search index.

You can easily modify search settings, adjust search relevance, and apply new settings at any time. If the volume of data and traffic fluctuates, Amazon CloudSearch scales the service without interruptions to meet your needs.

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You can configure and manage an Amazon CloudSearch domain using the AWS Management Console, the AWS CLI, and also the AWS SDK. Just point to a sample of your data, and Amazon CloudSearch will automatically recommend how you can configure your domain indexing options. You can easily add or remove index fields and customize search options like faceting and highlighting. You do not need to reload the data to change the settings.


[Amazon CloudSearch] offers extreme automatic scaling of all search domains. As your data or query volume changes, [Amazon CloudSearch] can increase or decrease the resources of your search domain as needed. You can control scaling if you know in advance that you will need more capacity for bulk uploads or if you anticipate an increase in search traffic.


[Amazon CloudSearch] offers automatic monitoring and recovery features for your search domains. When the Multi-AZ option is enabled, [Amazon CloudSearch] supplies and maintains resources for a search domain in two Availability Zones to ensure high availability. Therefore, updates are automatically applied to search instances in both Availability Zones. Search traffic gets distributed across the two Availability Zones, and models in either zone can handle the entire load in the event of an error.

High performance

Amazon CloudSearch ensures low latency and high performance, also on a large scale, through automatic fragmentation and automatic horizontal and vertical scaling.

Fully managed

[Amazon CloudSearch] is a fully managed, personalized search service. We take care of hardware and software provisioning, installation and configuration, application of software patches, data partitioning, node monitoring, data scaling, and also durability.

Wide variety of search features

Amazon CloudSearch supports powerful search features such as the following:

  • Firstly, it has free text, boolean and faceted searches
  • Secondly, it has autocomplete tips
  • Customizable importance ranking and query time ranking expressions
  • Field weighting
  • Geospatial search
  • Highlighted
  • Support for 34 languages


Amazon CloudSearch design works to deliver profitability. You will pay reduced hourly rates but, only for the resources, you use. Amazon CloudSearch offers a low total cost of ownership for your search applications compared to running a proprietary search environment. For detailed pricing information, see Pricing.


In addition, Amazon CloudSearch uses strong cryptographic methods to authenticate users and prevent unauthorized access to domains. Amazon CloudSearch supports HTTPS and integrates with Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control access to CloudSearch’s configuration service and document, search, and also suggestion services for each domain.

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