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How AI Transform Mobile Technology?

How AI Transform Mobile Technology?

AI Transform Mobile Technology

In this modern era, Artificial Intelligence is present in almost every part of our lives. AI is a simulation of human intelligence processes by robots which comes with program development processing information.

It responds to the process which is closer enough with human reasoning. AI is a machine but it thinks and responds like a Human.

AI is useful in many devices which we use daily such as evaluating frauds and powering the virtual assistant system, Driverless car systems, and sophisticated aircraft technologies.

Directly or indirectly, AI has a huge level of significance than you assume. Its impacts are far-reaching than you think.

Now this advanced technology has dominated our smart phones delivering a list of drooling features raising the customer expectation from technology. This made smart phones smarter than ever.

Well, in this article, we are going to discuss how AI is transforming our smart phones. Smartphone has become part of human life or you can say our several works depend on it.

AI makes our mobile intelligent by adding a bid of advanced technology. Also, AI is useful to collect information that is useful for any business to predictive experiences and providing smarter customer engagement.

Now dive into how AI and mobile technology are related. We will discuss it with the help of some key points. Here have a look:

Mobile AI automate 35,000 decisions per day

As per the survey, average mobile users engaged 2.5 hours with their phones where they made around 35,000 decisions.

Mobile phone having AI technology helps us to make these choices and decision. The fact is, we often use one to help with the other.

Since AI has become an enormous part of our mobile, it shows the direction of how you use your smart phone and makes it the world’s best wingman.

AI helps our mobile to learn from several examples from large datasets around the world. And they generalize what could happen next by evaluating similar circumstances.

AI Is Already A Huge Part Of Your Phone Experience

Every mobile app development company wants to provide a better user experience to its customers. This goal leads to the invention of the high quality of the smart phone.

Now here you think about the function on your phone, you can get it in any model. This clearly shows, everyone who wants a smart phone has one.

Most of the mobile uses several sensors like accelerometers, GPS, microphones, cameras, and so on. These sensors are used for gathering data which is now done through AI.

Better in Subject Detection via Smartphone Camera 

Artificial intelligence tools are a very useful feature on your smart phone for detecting any subject.

With this, your mobile camera can easily detect subjects like landscape, fireworks, water, and food and so on.

It tweaks the setting and gets the best possible image. Not only that, but AI also helps to identify perfect facial features which can later be enhanced to get a super portrait mode.

Real-time Language Translation

If you browse on the internet, you can easily get several translation apps. Such apps are very useful which allows you to capture an image of a text in any language and get it converted to a different language. But almost all apps need internet for analyzing and translating the text.

AI-based tools allow users to translate the text into different languages without even the need to connect to the internet. This real-time translation is a very handy tool in this global world.

Face Unlock to Power More Smart phones

Face recognition is a hugely popular prevailing system today. There are complicated AI and Machine learning algorithms behind the scene which make it possible.

Face lock has become one of the popular features on any smart phone. AI uses the combination of premium hardware to identify the face of the user.

Adaptive Battery with AI

With AI integration on your mobile, you can get improved battery life with more battery backup.

The AI development company has worked overbuilding the powerful Adaptive battery system which is packed with advanced AI capabilities.

An adaptive battery system is built to observe your battery consumption, which automatically shuts down the application running in the background. The apps are managed on the priority level.

High App Authentication

We all knew about the risk of cybercrime. AI plays an important role in such a situation and provides better cyber security.

Day by day the technology is getting advanced. With the increased usage and entry to almost every layer of life, our dear device needs a powerful security mechanism.

When it comes to any Android apps, the biggest concern for it is the security system. So with AI and ML, developers can reduce security risk which leads to fewer threats and vulnerability.

Creating App Marketing

Marketers need to track and collect different data for marketing the app. This task is quite tough and also takes more time.

In this, marketers have to deal with millions of customers worldwide which create a confusing situation.

But now no more such issues are there with AI-based smart phones. These mobiles help you to analyze the market and purchase history of the user.

Hence AI can help businesses and plays an important role in concluding better marketing decisions for increasing their user engagements.


AI has taken a huge plunge within a few years and this impressive growth is also raising new possibilities across the wide dimension.

The advanced moves by AI are certain to present in 5G Smartphone too in the coming days. In this world almost every activity is directly or indirectly connected to data.

Whether it is data collection, data storing, and data processing, everything is possible in real-time.

Not only that, but AI also provides advanced personalized user experience. Coming days will the time of AI and our smart phone will be smarter than ever. Businesses that include AI for their work have a bright future with a satisfied client.


Author Bio

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking on-demand app Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of letting then Start-ups, which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he differentiates by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his imaginary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends. He is passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible, and approachable for business enterprises.


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