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8 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Video App Development

8 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Video App Development

Flutter is Google’s free open-source framework which is used for creating multi-platform apps on a single codebase. It was released about 5 years ago, but is already trusted by numerous brands  across the globe and loved by developers worldwide. So, if you have the intention to develop a video app, it is the right time to embark on your video editor Flutter journey.

Why Choose Flutter?

1. Single codebase for all platforms

You don’t have to create several native apps. You can simply make one codebase and use it for any platform you need: iOS, Android, Linux, desktop, web, etc. However, you need to know Dart, a programming language created by Google for fast app development. Luckily, the days when you had to develop an Android app in Java, iOS app in Swift, and a web app in JavaScript are gone. Right now, you only need to know Dart to develop your Video Editor.

2. Reduced code development time

As it was mentioned above, you can kill several birds with one stone by using Flutter for creating apps for various platforms. No wonder this kit decreases development time. Plus, hot reload and hot restart features allow developers to see all the changes in a matter of seconds, which greatly saves their time, too.

3. Shorter testing processes

Logically, instead of running two sets of tests, your QA team will need to run one only. This way, the testing process becomes less time-consuming and tedious.

4. Reduced costs

This item follows from the three ones mentioned above. You can get two apps for the price of one, as both development processes and testing ones are reduced by half. In addition, instead of hiring several developers for iOS and Android, you can employ one with a good knowledge of Flutter.

5. Eye-pleasing UI

Flutter offers ready-to-use widgets and templates that will make your users fall over heels with your app. In addition, its pixel rendering feature makes the widgets look similar on any screen, despite its size, platform, etc. So, usually, building similar UIs both for iOS and Android is problematic, but with Flutter’s widgets, you can create marvelous visuals for your app and cover most parts of the development process. Plus, you can customize the widgets to your needs.

6. Access to original source code

Flutter gives developers a chance to see how every single button was implemented. All you need to do is to click on it, and the whole process of coding will appear straight before your eyes. This way, you have a bigger chance to understand how Flutter’s widgets work. If you want to customize something to meet your needs, you can simply copy their version and update the parts you find necessary.

7. Ideal for MVP development

MVP stands for Minimal Viable Product. Basically, this is the product that has minimal (but enough) functions to attract customers in the very early stages of its development. And with Flutter, you can develop an MVP for both platforms within just a few weeks.

8. Good documentation and informative tutorials

Google gives access to various resources that will help you extend your knowledge of Flutter and make your work with it much easier and more pleasant. Even if you are not a professional developer with years of experience, its tutorials will let you actively participate in the development process and keep abreast of the evolving situation.

Banuba SDK Flutter Video App Development

Imagine you have created a Flutter project. But how to turn it into a useful and engaging video app that will provide its users with never-seen-before experiences? And this is exactly where the Banuba company will become your savior.

Banuba is a software company that provides various SDKs and APIs for app creation. With their help, you can avoid spending tons of time and money on tailoring the app to your needs.

Its Video Editor SDK is a perfect tool for cross-platform development and is compatible with Flutter. So, you can integrate this Banuba’s product into your Flutter project in a snap.

The SDK offers numerous features, e.g. pre-made video effects, color correction, background changer, time effects (like slow-mo and speed-up), 1000+ Face AR masks, animations, picture-in-picture mode, text overlay, and much more. Plus, it has fullHD support. In addition to being feature-rich, Banuba’s Video Editor SDK is highly intuitive, powerful, and customizable. You can use custom icons, colors, fonts, localizations, camera settings, watermarks, etc.

Its price depends on your needs: the number of apps and platforms, the amount of features, the need for AR content and customer services. But first, you have a chance to try it for free, as they offer a 14-day trial to help you thoroughly evaluate the SDK’s performance. The trial grants access to all SDK features, including support. So, the support team will be willing to answer your every question and assist in solving any problem you face.

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