Pre-Recorded Video – With the advent of such a feature as live broadcasts on popular social platforms, the digital community began to gradually move away from the surrealism displayed in unnatural filters, photoshop, and other “improvements” of the visual shown through the screen and causing dysmorphia in the vast majority of people.

At the same time, to be truly interesting to the audience without the possibility of re-recording something or cutting out individual fragments, one needs not only a huge experience in it but also innate talent. How to be in a situation if you do not have enough of one or another thing? The answer is simple: just use pre-recorded content. Below we will talk about the possibilities of this type of video in more detail.

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect This Type of Content?

First of all, you should realize that live streaming is not the only option for those who want to use the LIVE feature found on most popular social media platforms. In particular, with dedicated streaming software, you can stream pre-recorded video to your viewers and even loop it (for example, with to maximize the duration of your live streams.

This may come as a revelation to you, but in practice, all those “live” videos that look really professional were most likely also recorded! Indeed, only a few bloggers know how to improvise in such a way as to keep the attention of the audience throughout the live broadcast, and it is much easier for them to do this with the help of ready-made content. So, let’s formalize the features of the pre-recorded video.

  • Possibility of pre-recording and editing. If you upload a pre-recorded video for live streaming, you won’t run the risk of anything going wrong. You can make as many attempts as you want to get the perfect picture, sound, and storyline. In addition, you can apply the necessary visual and audio effects to make your content even more stylish and attractive.
  • Full control over what you record. In pre-recorded videos, you can simulate live streaming, which means your viewers will not feel any difference from how you would go live for real. You can also choose any other scenario that suits your content plan.
  • Flexibility in your schedule. With pre-recorded videos, you don’t have to limit yourself in your free time to provide your audience with new content. You can do all this in advance and just start the broadcast at the time that suits you best.

How Can You Benefit From Pre-recorded Videos?

Let’s find out how to use pre-recorded videos in practice.

Preparing content for online broadcast

At the moment when you need to start an online broadcast according to your content plan, anything can happen. In particular, your Internet connection may not be stable enough to record high-quality video without interruption. In turn, ensuring the proper quality of live streaming will certainly be positively appreciated by both your viewers and yourself since you will save yourself from worrying that failures will disrupt your script.

Creation of professional content

Despite your blogging experience, you can still make mistakes during live streams that will either show you in a bad light or break your mental peace. So why deliberately immerse yourself in uncomfortable conditions if all this can be easily overcome through pre-recording the video?

Note that this video format is suitable not only for content that requires serious preparation: something can go according to an unplanned scenario in ordinary informal Q&A videos. And, of course, don’t neglect to pre-record if you are going to demonstrate your extraordinary talents to the public, for example, singing, dancing, hitting the target, etc.

Maximizing engagement with your audience

During live broadcasts, you won’t always have enough time to cover all your viewers’ questions and provide them with meaningful answers. In turn, regularly skipping comments can offend some segments of your audience and cause them to eventually unfollow you. You don’t want to face that outcome, do you?

To avoid this, you can upload a pre-recorded video. At the same time, the comments left by your viewers here and now will still be displayed on your screen, as they would be with live broadcasting. Thanks to this, you will be able to focus on one activity (processing comments) without having to entertain the audience in real time on video.

This approach will help your viewers to feel their value and significance, and you, in turn, will not have to feel like a one-man band.

Realization of your creative ideas

Creative content is always a great thing when it’s well-prepared. Unfortunately, if you are not a professional entertainer, actor, or TV presenter, your preparation may not be sufficient to ensure that your live broadcasts run smoothly and without hitches.

To cope with this challenge, you can record a video in advance and upload it online with peace of mind. Moreover, some creative ideas are simply impossible to implement without post-processing. For example, it can be overlaying animation and other special effects on video. In turn, pre-recorded videos will help you to fully realize your creative potential without worrying that, at some point, you will stumble and your viewers will be disappointed in your endeavors.

Strict adherence to the content plan

Force majeure occurs on everyone’s life path, and it is very bad when they go apart from the planned events related to business. In particular, if you have a pre-made content plan, verified by your marketers, it will be a pity if, at some point, for personal reasons, you will have to deviate from it.

You can avoid this by preparing content in advance and creating a schedule for online broadcasts. Thus, no life circumstances will force you to deviate from the set schedule, which means that this will not affect your monetization in any way.

Organization of virtual events

It is always better to record such serious virtual events as training or visiting VIP events a few days before uploading to the streaming platform. This will protect you from interruptions in the Internet connection and freezing of the platform itself that you have chosen for broadcasting.

Opening up new monetization opportunities

Finally, you can expand your monetization options with pre-recorded videos. In particular, despite the inability to display the comments of your users on the screen in real time, you will be able to devote yourself during your free video to other important things that are related to promoting your profile on streaming platforms, whether it be target audience segmentation or scripting for future videos.

What’s more, if you consider looping pre-recorded videos (you can do this with, for example), you’ll be able to reuse pre-recorded content multiple times, which can be a lifesaver on a particularly busy day.

Final Thoughts

Although pre-recorded videos are not a universal tool, and, in some cases, you still cannot completely replace your live streaming needs with them, this approach is still effective in terms of freeing up your time and the quality of the resulting content. Therefore, the ability to use broadcasting tools will definitely come in handy if you seriously decide to promote your brand on social platforms.