Legit Bitcoin Investment Sites

So you have made up your mind to get your feet wet in crypto investments. But do you know where to start off? It is very important to identify trustworthy and reliable sites for trading. Bitcoin investments will pay off provided you make smart decision, not rash ones. One of the first things you need to do is figure out which platform to trade from.

While there may be countless options out there, not all are credible. Moreover, many investors are confused whether the platform can help them trade since they are referred to as brokerage platforms or exchange websites. Otherwise, bitcoins are traded manually as well as using automated trading software applications like bitcoin trader, bitcoin era, etc. Here is a Bitcoin Trader review to have a clear understanding about how bitcoin is traded autonomously.

Top 7 Legit Bitcoin Investment Sites:

#1. Coinbase

This is by far one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges today and a great place to start Bitcoin trading. You can buy or sell Bitcoins from other users and you will not have to worry about security. And also pay for services easily with a few clicks of the mouse because of an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.  You can even set the platform to put coins automatically every week or month, according to your set preferences. All transactions are carefully monitored and if there is any suspicious activity, it will be checked.

#2. Kraken

This was one of the first websites to pass independent audits and it has been expanding since. Today, it has a big client base and is exclusively focused on Bitcoin trades. Its installation process is relatively simple and when you are not familiar with two-factor authentication, Kraken is a good choice. Both businesses and individuals use Kraken mainly because it is highly secure and the platform is robust enough to cater to many people at the same time.

#3. Paxful

This is a highly rated platform for Bitcoin trade and boasts of many users. You can use multiple methods to pay for the Bitcoins like PayPal, Western Union, or Amazon gift card etc.

#4. Bisq

This is an open-source system that is flexible and a fast way to get Bitcoins. You only need to download the app, create an account, and transactions are done in 10 minutes. It is secure, intuitive and helps you stay discreet.

#5. Local Bitcoins

This is distinct from Coinbase and is not really an exchange per se; rather, it is a platform where people can meet for buying and selling crypto coins. There is a separate page dedicated to every country supporting Bitcoins, and a list of sellers and buyers. Individuals are safe from scammers and seller assets are stored in a secure location till payment confirmations come from buyers. The unique interface makes navigation a breeze and you may access information about sellers both inside your country and abroad.

#6. OKCoin

This site is good for people who have been trading Bitcoins for long as it offers advanced features. It allows you to sell and buy Bitcoins and even invest in Bitcoins. But, unless you are a trader, you cannot browse the site.

#7. BitStamp

This site was the first to get permission to trade Bitcoins and is very popular for Bitcoin trading today. It allows users to pay in credit and debit cards and you may even convert part of the Bitcoins earned into gold. It is completely secure as all transactions are tracked.