5 Tips for Improving UTV Marine Speakers’ Performance

In the spring, customers who want to improve their UTV marine stereo systems frequently contact Noam Audio with queries. Who wouldn’t want to put their boat on the water and enjoy the sunshine and pleasant weather after months of winter weather? To make your UTV marine audio system sound fantastic this season, we’ll look at a few of the popular audio system modifications we provide in this post.

1. Use appropriate marine audio gear

Your audio equipment may struggle in a sea environment. Unprotected devices, such as source devices and remote controls, can be destroyed by exposure to water. Your amplifiers may become damp, which can lead to corrosion and other problems. Equipment for speakers and subwoofers may dry up, crack, and malfunction as a result of prolonged UV exposure.

True marine audio gear is a little more expensive than automobile and house audio options, but it has a far longer lifespan. You don’t want to have to spend time or money replacing your boat’s gear once or twice a season. Allow us to demonstrate why we choose the items we do.

2. Verify that the system is properly designed.

Knowing how you use your boat is necessary when installing or upgrading your UTV marine speakers and sound system. On a fishing boat, as opposed to a sailboat, wakeboard boat, or ski boat, we will use different parts and install them in different places. Each element is precisely adapted to the requirements of each customer, from the size of the monitors we use to the selection of amplifiers, input units, and remote controllers.

3. Effective Installation Is Essential

We have selected power and speaker cabling and interlinks that can tolerate lengthy exposure to salt water because we are aware of how fast exposed cabling and electrical contacts can suffer damage. To avoid moisture infiltration that could result in mold and fungus, we install equipment using plastic rather than wood slats. The end product is a sound system that will last for many years and look excellent.

4. Bigger Speakers Increase Effectiveness

High-diameter speakers deliver more sound with less power, much like a large deformation motor will help your boat move quickly. We provide subwoofers with widths up to 12 inches, wakeboard tower systems with sizes up to 8.8 inches, and speakers with widths up to 12 inches to optimize your audio system’s performance while minimizing the strain on your boat’s power system. Performance improvements translate into greater playtime and less battery drain when you’re rafting with pals.

5. Subwoofers Improve Everything’s Audio

Most people relate a subwoofer to thunderous bass that dominates other sounds in a rough terrain expedition. A subwoofer will enhance the reduced productivity of your audio system when fitted and set up correctly, giving your songs a more realistic sound. The smaller monitors on your boat may now concentrate on recreating middle and high-frequency audio with greater definition and detail thanks to the subwoofer. Your audio system will improve in every way if you add a subwoofer.

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