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5 Best Tools for Saving and Recording Twitch Clips

5 Best Tools for Saving and Recording Twitch Clips

Twitch is the leading live streaming platform that allows users to consume high-quality content efficiently. Twitch provides no process to download clips, so we can’t watch our favorite whenever we want. Students can easily overcome this limitation using many online Twitch downloading tools, so they must use them. This complete guide will give you information about top Twitch downloaders to save and steps to record clips. You can download videos from Twitch or make your clips.

TunesKit screen recorder: The fastest way of downloading Twitch clips

TunesKit screen recorder is a reliable clip-downloading tool for Twitch, mainly because of its user-friendly features. Through it, we can easily download high-quality Twitch videos and watch them whenever we want. Here are some key features of TunesKit Screen Recorder:

  • Download Twitch clips in the best quality.
  • Depending on your choice, you can use the option of recording clips from Twitch or only audio.
  • Cut the clip short according to your preferences.
  • We can convert the streaming videos on Twitch to multiple outputs, including MP4, MKV, or MOV.

How can we use the TunesKit Screen Recorder to download Twitch clips?

  • Get the official version of TunesKit Screen Recorder from its website and open it.
  • Open Twitch and find the wanted video being streamed.
  • Go to TunesKit screen recorder and choose any custom format or recording area.
  • Start the recording and then use the rendering control to start, stop, and conclude your speech whenever needed.
  • After completing, press the Stop icon to save the recorded Twitch clip.

Unstoppable Tutor Online

UnTwitch provides a user-friendly platform where Twitch users can download clips for free. With UnTwitch, you can download various formatted Twitch video clips. Here’s how to use UnTwitch to download Twitch clips:

  • Save the Twitch video link you want.
  • By visiting the UnTwitch platform, you can get the URL and submit it to search.
  • Select the desired formatting and video quality.
  • Use your download icon to save it on your device.


Clipr is also an excellent option, like UnTwitch, to download Twitch clips and VODs free of cost. Using Clipr, you may share good-quality Twitch video clips with friends and download them. Here’s how to use Clipr to download Twitch clips:

By visiting the Clipr site, do you need to add your clip or Twitch stream’s URL for it?

Choose the video quality that meets your requirements, and know that it can get 60FPS maximum.

Save the Twitch clip by clicking on the download option.

Twitch Leecher

The Twitch Leecher program is specially designed for PC users, from where they can easily access other Twitch video content. Twitch Leecher has a solid mechanism to ensure the security and privacy of user data just because it requires connecting with Twitch. Here’s how to use Twitch Leecher to download Twitch VODs:

  • Download and sign in to Twitch Leecher using the website.
  • Start Twitch Leecher and log in to your account.
  • Search and find the wanted Twitch VOD by using downloading tools.
  • Determine the destination of the result and its quality.
  • Press the download button, and your required Twitch VOD will be saved to your computer. is considered an all-in-one application that can download things from any platform, and it is used as Twitch’s video downloader most of the time. (, which has a stack of features to fulfill any kind of requirement, and it can be relied upon quite easily. Get Twitch clips, live stream recordings, and video-converting recorded files under one roof using This tool will make the downloading experience from Twitch calm and consistent.

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