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3D Body Scanning: The Future Of The Apparel Industry

3D Body Scanning: The Future Of The Apparel Industry

3D Body Scanning

When it comes to the apparel industry, most online retailers can attest that size and fit are the primary reasons customers return their orders. However, all of that is about to change forever, thanks to the advancement in body measurement technology.

This technology allows customers to try out the size and fit of the product before placing the order. As a result, apparel retailers from all over the world are leveraging the competencies of this technology to reduce their returns and enhance customer satisfaction and experience like never before.

But What Exactly Is 3D Body Scanning?

In simple words, 3D body scanning is a measurement system that leverages imaging and infrared depth-sensing technology to produce a digitized copy of your body’s surface geometry.

This generates a sort of outline of an individual’s shape and body measurement. Businesses can use this data for many other purposes, such as simulating garment draping, pattern construction, and 3D body tracking.

Furthermore, it is not like this technology has broken the dawn recently, but it has been around for many years. However, the only difference is that people can now leverage the capabilities of this technology through their mobile devices.

Apparel Retailers Implementing 3D Body Scanning Technology

Many global and prominent fashion retailers such as Bloomingdales and Selfridges have been using this technology since 2011. However, they used physical 3D scanning booths instead of the latest 3D virtual fitting room that businesses use today.

While many prominent apparel retailers are still conventionally using this technology, online retailers are taking this technology to their customers’ mobile devices. In addition, prominent retailers such as Amazon are leveraging this technology to enhance customer returns and enhance their shopping experience to boost revenue.

3D Body Scanning Application For Apparel Businesses

Apparel businesses can leverage 3D body scanning technology and its capabilities in many more ways than one might. Companies need to be proactive and innovative when accessing advanced technologies.

1. Becoming More Astute With Data:

The apparel industry has to learn to use data for good. This technology provides businesses with data about their customers, which can be used to generate valuable insights and determine patterns to drive better business decisions while enhancing customer experience.

2. Customized Clothing Solutions:

There are already numerous fashion start-ups leveraging the 3D body scanning technology and combining it with AI-driven algorithms to recreate a body either from the 3D scan or an image. Hence the apparel industry must be more proactive and adopt these technologies to survive the competition.

3. 3D Virtual Trial Rooms:

Many apparel retailers provide their customers with a 3D virtual fitting room where they can try out their clothes to determine if the fitting and size are appropriate. This contributes greatly to enhancing the shopping experience of customers.

Bottom Line

Body scanning technology will play a crucial role in the apparel industry’s future. Manufacturers will now have a better understanding of the types of clothes in demand. This will also transform the supply chain over time, so it is fair to say that 3D body scanning technology is here to stay.

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