Remote DBA solutions provide a number of benefits for organizations with growing database challenges. Here are 7 reasons why remote DBA (Database Administration) is a smart choice for you.

Having to administer the database of a large scale project all in-house might sound like a great achievement on paper, but practically – not so. For one, your developers can’t fully focus on core business logic and development related issues. Secondly, if you do have a single dedicated DBA, you will be solely dependent on him/her for all the knowledge and experience. Further, you’d always have to be on your toes with the security needs of your data.

Challenges with In-house DBA support

While in-house DBA support may seem like an immediate fix for your project needs, it poses significant challenges in the long run, if you are planning to expand your business or increasing the scope of your projects.

  • An in-house database admin may not have enough skills and experience in handling multiple database platforms
  • Having your employees also take care of database administration could result in cost, time and resource overhead
  • Project developers and admins may not to be able to foresee issues that an expert DBA can and will be able to provide only reactive support
  • In-house database administration would mean you – the organization, have to constantly look out for better backup, recovery, migration and security strategies based on market demand and project needs

7 reasons why you should outsource DBA Support

Remote DBA support nullifies all the above challenges, and also offers remarkable advantages at affordable costs. Let us quickly go through the main advantages of a remote DBA support service:

Reduces operational expenses

From disk space, CPU and Memory utilization to server performance, back-up strategy, real-time web based reporting, upgrades, re-installation, and performance tuning – everything will be managed by the DBA. This can save major operational expenses for your organization.

Proactive database support and maintenance

As a dedicated expert, a DBA can anticipate potential improvements and issues early on in your project that will help you make strategic design decisions, help prevent last minute hiccups, thereby speeding up the project delivery.

Ready availability of skilled resources

By outsourcing DBA, you will readily get a pool of skilled resources on different platforms and technologies to solve any of your business needs.

Improve your disaster recovery process

With a pool of resources available to resolve issues on different database platforms, there will never be a single point of failure. You can safely rely upon DBA experts to solve last minute issues as well.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks & focus on core competency

With DBA support outsourced, your developers and designers need not worry about administration, management and other maintenance tasks. They can focus on building the business logic of the application without worrying about the nitty-gritty of database management.


With security taken care by experts, your company doesn’t have to worry about upgrades, patches and security of your critical data. You will always have a skilled person in-charge of handling any potential issues.

Better use of data for further analysis, mining, machine learning

A DBA comes with experience and expertise in multiple technologies and can receive, analyze and understand data better. They can suggest ways to use the data in the best possible way that can help your company in data analysis, presenting better trends, insights and making strategic business decisions.


Having remote DBA support service promises significant advantages over managing database administration with an in-house team. An expert team of resources let you focus on your business logic, while ensuring 24×7 uninterrupted operation of your production environment with flexible and customizable services.