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A Watch Based On Optimal Precision: The IWC Ingenieur

A Watch Based On Optimal Precision: The IWC Ingenieur

The grades that best defines the Swiss Watch manufacturer is what the best practiced by IWC Ingenieur. Whether it is a timepiece for athletes or a person living an active lifestyle, IWC Ingenieur always provides something awesome and optimal in quality and precision. When it comes to the features of this timepiece that the characteristics of this unique watch, It is based on the following factors

  • Athletic
  • Robust
  • Reliable

These 3 factors combine to represent an Ingenieur timepiece. This watch is also considered to be one of the most classical IWC watches and the production of this line is continued for 60 years.

Its contemporary watch, including its visual staples, along with its renowned anti-magnetic properties so can confront extreme magnetic field, have pushed the IWC Ingenieur to another level where it is considered to be the most precious timepiece and a true classic of IWC.

What Makes IWC Ingenieur So special?

●    Modern Technology

Those who are hypnotized by incredible technology will absolutely be enchanted by the IWC Ingenieur sequel. The usefulness of high-quality, vigorous alloys such as titanium good to represents scratch-proof levels, stainless polished steel, and extremely durable carbon, give the Ingenieur a tumultuous mannish sense while the world-famous invention assistants the outstanding timepiece with a timeless refinement. This unprecedented assortment has taken IWC’s Ingenieur watches to international stardom and non-ending popularity.

The IWC Ingenieur was announced in 1955, it is the same year when Hans Ernst was appointed as the CEO of the company. When the company announced its first antimagnetic IWC timepiece, it shocked all other competitors that how it made it possible to represents such a technical timepiece to the world. The brand caused a sensation in the community of watch enthusiasts and got popular within a few months.

In 1976, the IWC Ingenieur showed the true colors of this watch series with a more innovative version and the more technical version of this series with contemporary designs. The designs for each IWC Ingenieur is designed by Geral Genta, an extremely popular designer with exceptional creative skills. He dedicate many years of his life to IWC so to make the world’s best designed and creative timepiece that can defeat every other brand designing.

It is not a one-night effort but took years of watchmaking to accomplish the best timepiece every. Each timepiece manufactured by IWC is passed through a series of tests before getting publicly announced.

Anti-Magnetic Properties

The production of this series started in the 1950s when the first timepiece is launched and got popular within months to its initial launch. The production of the IWC Ingenieur was based on creating the timepiece that can confront the extreme magnetic field.

It was designed for the workers in magnetic environments such as engineers. So to observe extremely accurate time with magnetic properties, the timepiece has to be robust enough to deal with the environmental condition even it is worst.

The 19040s was the time when the international watchmakers introduced a pilots version of watch the Mark 11 which provides the antimagnetic properties , but with the launch of Ingenieur with its advanced anti-magnetic properties , it becomes a pinnacle in finest watchmaking.

The case of this timepiece is manufactured by soft-iron material, the soft iron case is what that can be easily magnetized and demagnetized so to permanently magnetizing it to interrupt the internal mechanism is extremely difficult, that’s why a soft-iron material was chosen for the manufacturing of durable case.

The peloton system is embedded in this timepiece to feature an extreme level of protection to the internal mechanism and was originally designed by Albert Pellaton, It ensures that the watch represents an extreme level of precisional rate.

Wide Varieties

The IWC Ingenieur timepieces are available in wide varieties and many limited editions were also launched in this series. The top models of the series feature the timepieces with exclusive watch complications including constant-force tourbillon and flyback chronograph.

If you looking for an all-in-one package timepiece and wants something different from contemporary designs. Don’t hesitate and buy an IWC Ingenieur, it’ll definitely cover all of your needs and will provide something more for what you are paying.

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