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Top 5 Technologies to Help Save the Planet

Top 5 Technologies to Help Save the Planet

Technologies to Help Save the Planet 

The world is currently at a tipping point when it comes to climate change and conservation. If people and governments do not take action now, then the planet will be damaged beyond repair for centuries and humanity will be in danger. Scientists and tech mavens are working hard to prevent this from happening, with unique technologies aimed at saving the Earth. It’s the only home humans currently have, so these technologies are absolutely essential at this point in time. Otherwise, the ongoing ecological disasters you see will only get worse.

These days, you’ll see numerous awareness campaigns about various environmental and other issues on your Charter Spectrum cable. These campaigns and documentaries are meant to bring awareness and inspire action. Many tech entrepreneurs have come up with some exciting solutions to these problems. Many of these problems are quite viable, and just need a bit of investment and popularity to truly take off. Here are a few of these exciting technologies which may just help save the world for future generations.

Plant-Based Plastic

Plastics are one of the biggest culprits of environmental degradation. This is because they do not decompose and fill up landfills all over the world. However, scientists have come up with plant-based bioplastics, which have the same versatility as regular plastics but are 100% recyclable.

These new plastics break down in landfills and do not leech pollutants into the ground. In addition, they are not made of fossil fuels, unlike regular plastics. These bioplastics can be used in a myriad of ways.

Meat Alternatives

The meat industry is responsible for taking up vast tracts of land, and for harmful methane emissions. Cattle farmers need acres upon acres of land for their herds, and this leads to deforestation all over the world. Therefore, there is a need to curb the meat industry for environmental reasons.

Understandably, not everyone can quite beef, so there’s a need for close alternatives. Multiple companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have released excellent meat substitutes which are now commercially available. You can find these at stores now and some restaurants have started incorporating them in their menus as well.

Artificial Intelligence

This is one of those technologies which has changed the world ever since its advent. It also plays a role in environmental preservation. This is possible with numerous sensors for metrics like carbon emissions, energy consumption, deforestation, and many others. With a few threshold values entered into the systems, artificial intelligence can give warning signs when one metric or the other is moving towards dangerous levels.

It can even help detect crisis events and let scientists and relevant government departments know when action is needed. This sort of monitoring is not possible with just the human eye, so AI systems are a great way to achieve it.

Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon capture and storage technology aim to deal with the carbon dioxide emissions from various sources. It basically works by capturing these emissions and then storing them somewhere they won’t harm the environment. Oil and gas reservoirs are commonly used for this storage, and the captured carbon dioxide also helps with their extraction.

The technology for this is developing quite steadily, and the carbon dioxide is transported to its storage sites via pipelines or ships. All of this prevents it from affecting the atmosphere and harming the environment.

Solar Glass

Imagine if all the skyscrapers you see in big cities would generate electricity. Solar glass is making this idea possible and will reduce the need for non-renewable sources of energy if installed across the world. Companies are working to make this kind of glass more efficient at absorbing sunlight and helping generate energy. In addition, they’re working on making this technology affordable for all kinds of buildings as well.

This will offer an excellent source of renewable energy and can help power the energy-hungry cities of today with less of an impact on the environment.

In conclusion, there are numerous technologies in the works that can help save the planet. Most of these are quite promising and viable, so there might still be hope.

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