6 Things That You Can Learn From A Tachograph Analysis Software

Tachograph analysis software helps transport managers as-well-as road transport operators to analyse and manage their tachograph data.

A tachograph reports information about the vehicle, and as a transport operator, you must periodically check tachograph records and have a competent record-keeping system to track the activity of your drivers.

Tachograph analytics software helps ensure compliance with legislation that includes total driving hours, dodging hefty fines, and preventing apparent loss of your license.

Tachograph – A Detailed Insight

Tachographs became compulsory for all HGV vehicles in the EU back in the 1980s. Since 2006, the law requires all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes sold in the UK to have a digital tachograph installed (Source).

By measuring speed and distance, the tachograph provides an accurate interpretation of the activities of the driver, and whether they have broken the law.

In the UK, you need to download the data of the digital drivers’ card at least every 28 days as-well-as vehicle unit data at least every 56 days (Source).

Many operators download driver data daily and vehicle data each week to spot and deal with any infringements.

This practice is an enormous burden in terms of time and administration. Thus, tachograph analysis software helps you interpret the masses of data downloaded from the tachograph of your vehicle.

Things To Learn From A Tachograph Analysis Software

The reports generated by a tachograph analytics software not only show where the driver has complied with the law but also where individual drivers or depots violated the regulations.

By having accurate management information using analytics software, you can have questionable discussions about non-compliance from the side of your drivers.

Here are six things that you can learn from the reports generated by a Tachograph analysis software –

1. Seamless Analysis Of Tachograph Data

Once your analytics software records the data from the tachograph, you can download the data from the digital driver card and digital tachograph every time you have your vehicles parked at your office or depot.

If you have digital tachographs installed, you can directly submit this data to the analytics software while your drivers perform their normal mundane activities.

With the seamless analysis of data using your analysis software, you can save time and money while collecting tachograph data and supervising the download process.

It is the most suitable for operators who wish to transfer data from any region in the UK or Europe.

You can gain real-time insights on your vehicles without having to go through the data from the tachograph manually.

Samsara is the leader in Industrial IoT and helps to enhance the efficiency, safety, as-well-as sustainability of the operations that power the economy.

Samsara can provide you with the facility of GPS fleet tracking to help you monitor your fleet without hassle.

2. Health And Well-Being

The fleet manager must ensure that any accidents or mishappenings do not happen at any cost, and thus, they take steps to avoid it.

Your fleet requires instantaneous reporting procedures so that drivers can handle an accident by bearing in mind insurance reporting procedures to handle claims carefully.

A tachograph keeps track of your vehicle in real-time and measures parameters such as speed, distance, and driver hours.

This way, if your fleet comes to a halt or there is a sudden change in speed, you would know about it and be able to deal with the driver with more facts at your disposal.

3. Consumption Of Fuel

A fleet manager must devise effective measures to counter the challenge of rising fuel costs and mismanagement on the road and make the operation more economical.

The drivers over-speed more often than you assume as there is nothing to keep them in check. Some drivers leave the engine on idle while waiting at a signal or making a quick stop, which leads to fuel wastage.

A tachograph analytics software assists you on fuel consumption by measuring the distance and speed, and thus tell you if the extravagant fuel consumption was from excessive idling or over-speeding by the driver.

Alongside this, the software also renders insights about fuel management by providing the ability to track vehicles and keep a check on their trajectories.

4. Driver Behaviour Management

Tachograph solutions provide a dashcam installation in the cabin of your automobile that records the entire route spanned by the driver, producing meaningful data to the fleet manager about the behaviour of the driver.

A tachograph analysis software notifies the driver if he crosses the speed limits and can even instruct him to turn off the engine while in idle. Such practices can maintain the calmness of the driver.

A tachograph analytics provider can automate these tasks that monitor the behaviour of the driver and instruct them to adhere to the rules if they go astray.

5. Compliance

As a fleet manager, you must execute and appropriately document compliance as-well-as fleet risk management.

Compliance makes sure that intricate intellect is available on each automobile for surveying or when handling an accident.

A tachograph analytics provider can keep track of all the information about the vehicle, the driver, as-well-as monitor the tour progress in real-time by presenting notifications about the latest developments.

A tachograph analytics software can help to provide evidence that drivers adhere to the regulations of EU Drivers Hours, as obliged by the government.

Samsara provides you with a tachograph analysis software to install in your fleet vehicles and monitor them in real-time.

6. Controlling Costs

Controlling and mitigating costs is a very critical step for copious fleet organisations. Fleet Managers must review the relevant knowledge regarding their fleet and spot areas for improvement.

The analysed data often includes statistics about cutting vehicle purchase costs, evaluating fuel consumption, and also observing driver behaviour.

A tachograph analytics software can maintain a conclusive record of the entire data, recommend ways to alleviate fuel consumption and suggest efficient ways to sustain the healthy functioning of the fleet.

Final Words

As a fleet manager, you must take your fleet business to higher levels by investing in the right tachograph provider in the UK.

You must pick a provider that can handle your fleet more efficiently and provide an efficient mode of operation.

Tachograph analytics software works with efficiency by providing you with all the insightful data required and suggests better substitutes for various deterrents.

You must choose a competent telematics provider to handle both management as-well-as costs and thus let your business prosper.

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