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Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

Stainless steel wall shelves are used in every business that deals with food, catering and food manufacturing. This primarily applies to bakeries, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets. Stainless steel wall mounted can be mounted to any level and smooth surface, provided that it can withstand such a load. For this, special mounting holes are provided in advance, which are easy to use and even a non-wide-profile specialist will understand how to fix the structure.

For reliability, it is better to mount it on a surface that does not absorb water. In this case, it is important to use the building level. Buying a stainless steel wall shelf will be a good solution for small-sized rooms, it will help to use the wall area and free up the floor to accommodate other equipment. It is a compact and inexpensive replacement for bulky cabinets and tables.

Shelves are created absolutely for any individual needs of the customer, with any length in the range from 50 cm to 2 meters, but the width and height remain standard. It was calculated in advance so that the shelf could hold the desired weight and did not disrupt the appearance of the room. The shelf can be either an independent structure or supplement existing shelves, furniture. The stainless steel wall shelf can be used in the following places:

  • laboratories;
  • hospitals;
  • food production;
  • catering places like cafes, restaurants, canteens;
  • outlets;
  • in production warehouses;
  • in residential buildings.

If we push aside the basics of structures from a repair point of view, then there are many advantages in using a restaurant shelving stainless steel. This is a practical and simple type of kitchen equipment with which you can competently organize the storage of inventory and food.

Types and technical features

The workshop uses wear-resistant steel as the main material. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and fungus, can be easily cleaned with conventional detergents, and resistant to mechanical stress and temperature extremes. The material is environmentally friendly and is intended for use in food enterprises.

Products have a standard rectangular shape, as well as a different number of levels (1-3). Today, one- and two-level restaurants shelving stainless steel are more common. Special side skirts protect food or dishes from accidental falling out. On the modern market, both standard options with a dull surface and models for drying dishes are presented (they have a pull-out tray for water and a grid). The main selection criteria include the following:

  • model dimensions, installation method (on a wall or on a table),
  • functional purpose (standard model or for drying dishes).

For food blocks of large enterprises, it is advisable to purchase several commodity items. Before you buy a stainless steel shelf, it is recommended to take into account the completeness of the kitchen with other furniture and determine the exact dimensions.

Stainless steel restaurant shelves  place the same type or similar types of products on one work surface. To make the right choice, we advise you to pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer. The catalog of any store contains offers from the leaders of the food industrial equipment market, which guarantees quality and reliability.

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