Scripter (Senstone 2.0): The Next Generation Of Wearables

Scripter (Senstone 2.0): The Next Generation Of Wearables

Revealed just a couple of weeks ago, Scripter (Senstone 2.0) is an incredible step up from the previous iteration of the award-winning voice recorder.

But how exactly is Scripter better than its predecessor? To answer this question, we are going to compare the new device to the 2017 version, side-by-side and all.

A Bit Of Context

Once upon a time in 2017, a Californian startup by the name of Senstone blew up on Kickstarter almost overnight and raised the total of $600,000, prompting a barrage of orders and enthusiastic reviews. The idea it sold to the customers was beautiful in its simplicity: a wearable voice-to-text recorder, screenless and buttonless; a combadge straight out of Star Trek, really.

The developers had spent months going through emails, reviews, and testimonials. The feedback was crucial, especially since even then the team knew they were not stopping at one device.

It was all about giving people what they wanted, and people wanted:

  • 100% voice-to-text accuracy
  • more time recording
  • less time charging
  • faster connection

Once you know that, it becomes clear where the inspiration for Scripter came from.

In the end of the day, how does Scripter compare to the very first device by Senstone? Let’s see.

The Showdown

Feature Senstone Scripter
Bluetooth 4.0 5.1
Recording length (X20) 3 minutes 60 minutes +
Battery life (X3.5) 65 mAh 230 mAh
Audio frequency (X2) 8 Khz 16 Khz
Professional wide membrane microphone
Transcription quality Good Flawless / Accurate Plan
Storage capacity (X4) 248 Mbit 1 Gbit



  • Voice-to-text accuracy up to 99%.

There were a few minor problems which prevented Senstone from delivering flawless transcripts; it was mostly about proper nouns and the microphone. With the new microphone and updated software, Scripter is able to provide the seamless experience where you’d hardly ever need to edit your note before sharing it with your friend or coworker.

  • 20x recording length.

The original Senstone recorder was designed for short memos, but many people wanted to record more: conversations, business meetings, study notes, or music. Now they can.

  • 2x audio frequency.

Better microphone means better frequency, and together they allow for reliable transcription.

  • 5x battery life.

There is no such thing as too powerful battery, especially when it comes to wearable tech. Luckily, we were able to triple (well, triple-point-five?) the battery life of Scripter compared to the 2017 Senstone recorder. Forgetting the charger is no longer a big deal.

  • 4x storage capacity.

This allows you to record notes even if there is no internet connection available. Now you can store up to 1 Gbit of audio directly on your Scripter, and it’s just as safe there as it would be in the cloud. Once the connection is back, the app will sort out and transcribe the recordings, as usual.

It is safe to say Scripter is miles better than its predecessor, the original Senstone from back in 2017, and this is not even the complete least of features. Stay tuned for updates as the Kickstarter campaign is just around the corner!

As a company working to revolutionize note-taking with our wearables, we are always happy to raise awareness about the future of voice technology. Visit the Blog for more articles, check out our new device, or drop us a line at

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