Right Channel For Your Business – There are a number of marketing platforms or channels available out there, especially when you go online. However, specific channels are suitable for specific types of businesses.

This article will discuss different types of channels, why professional SEO services choose the right one according to your business, and on average, which channels are best for specific businesses.

What Are Marketing Channels?

Marketing channels are the different types of tools and platforms you use to communicate with your target audience. It is not just a platform, but it consists of a group of people, the activities they carry out together, etc.

When you see the examples of different marketing channels, you will understand the concept even more clearly.

But for now, let’s first understand the purpose of a marketing channel.

The whole sole purpose of a marketing channel is to connect the manufacturers or the service/product providers to the consumers. It helps businesses reach out to the right audience at the right time to ease the purchasing process for both the consumers and businesses.

Types Of Marketing Channels

Marketing channels are classified into four different types, including:

  • Direct Sale
  • Selling through mediators
  • Dual distribution

Pretty clear from their names, direct sales are the products directly sold to the consumer, without an intermediary.

Mediators like brokers or agents act as the middlemen for a product to reach the consumer.

Dual has a mixture of both direct selling and collaboration with other businesses.

What Are The Different Marketing Channels?

Google search ads, Instagram, Facebook, referrals, ad networks, Pinterest’s, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

What Do You Mean by The Right Channel For Your Business?

As seen above, it’s important to understand marketing channels and which ones suit better for a particular business. Web analytics companies accurately analyze and choose the right channel for your business.

With technological progress and the advent of social media, you will find a number of marketing channels available therefore deciding which channels will be the best for the marketing purpose sometimes becomes a bit tedious.

For instance, a fashion-related product/service would suit the  Instagram platform, while anything related to real estate would work better on the Facebook platform. This is because you will find a more relevant audience on specific platforms.

So, won’t a fashion-related product work on Facebook?

Of course, it will! But it will be a little less effective than Instagram

That’s why you need to filter out or narrow down the best-suited marketing channels for a business.

In the above case, fashion-related products would best suit Instagram, it would moderately be noticed on Facebook, but it might least get noticed on LinkedIn.

Consider Before Choosing

Sometimes, you don’t need expert advice to understand which marketing channel is best for a product.

However, sometimes you need all-inclusive data to determine the best channel for a product.

Hence, you can consider a few things before making up your mind.

To decide rightly about the marketing channel, you need first to decide your marketing goals, target audiences, available resources, allocated budget, and, most importantly, your competitor’s choices.

Understand when and where exactly your audience spends more time. For this, having a deeper understanding of user behavior and their intentions is very important.

The following important entity is your competitor. Understand how your competitor is approaching their marketing campaigns. Which channels are they more active on, and which channels are they avoiding?

Only after this thorough study will you be able to decide about the right marketing channel.

Even so, we have tried to compile an approximate analysis of business-wise channel allocation.

Right Channel For Your Business

Most of all the eCommerce companies you can go with Google Search Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Referrals, Ad Networks, Affiliate Programs, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Of which Google Search Ads work great with DTC brands, while Google Shopping Ads are great for physical products.

You can also consider marketing channels according to the audience’s age group. For instance, products targeting women aged 20-45 should go for Pinterest. Whereas companies targeting people under the age of 30 should choose Snapchat.

Interestingly, the products that need an informative explanation for their utilization and/or execution, your target channel is YouTube.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is the best channel for the B2B companies, recruiters, SaaS companies, as it tends to be one of the most expensive channels on a CAC basis.


This was an attempt to help you decide the channels you need to drop and/or add to your marketing campaign. Different channels give different results; hence you need to stick to your goals. Before you use digital marketing channels for your business, you must understand your primary objectives, audience, competitors, and budget.