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Why You’re Not Gaining Followers on Instagram [2024]

Why You’re Not Gaining Followers on Instagram [2024]

Followers on Instagram are constantly growing and changing. There are now well over one billion users signing on each month, and the company is constantly changing its algorithm to accommodate them. As a result, it can be challenging for newcomers to the platform to get a foot in the door.

Creators who are trying their best but aren’t getting enough new followers shouldn’t get discouraged. It happens to almost everyone, from independent artists to local business owners. This article will describe some of the most common causes and their solutions to get users on the right track.

1. Just Starting Out on the Platform

Even the most famous creators on Instagram started out with zero followers when they first opened their accounts. It takes some time to start gaining popularity, but in the meantime, deciding to shop for instagram followers at buzzoid can offer a leg up. Having real, vetted followers who don’t violate the platform’s terms of service will signal to the algorithm that the content should be prioritized.

2. Not Having a Compelling Bio

Many new users neglect their bios, assuming that the posts should speak for themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not the case because almost everyone checks a user’s bio before deciding whether to follow them. Instagram bios are short, but they need to be sweet. It should tell potential followers who the user is, what they’re doing, and what followers can expect. Be sure to convey a niche and area of expertise, then try to inspire credibility so that more people start clicking the follow button.

3. Posting at the Wrong Time

Sometimes, content creators just assume that their posts will get enough engagement to stay active and get seen, posting whenever they come up with a brilliant new idea. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Posting at the wrong time of the day for a specific audience will almost always leave new content falling flat. What makes it challenging to figure this problem out is that every target audience is a little different, so content creators need to check their Instagram analytics and determine when their specific audience is most active on the platform.

4. Not Optimizing

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just for websites. Instagram profiles can also benefit substantially from many of these practices. To become more discoverable and boost the chances of gaining new followers, content creators should:

  • Write bios directed at their target audiences.
  • Include the main keywords in that bio.
  • Add alt descriptions to posts.
  • Use trending hashtags.


5. Insufficient Engagement

Most Instagram content creators and social media managers focus on planning posts. They rarely allocate time specifically for engaging with other users. Replying to comments, following others in the same or a related niche, and engaging with users on their own pages are all essential for keeping people interested and minimizing follower turnover. Try allocating 10-15 minutes per day specifically to engagement with other users.

6. Not Using Stories Appropriately

Instagram launched Stories in 2016, and there are now hundreds of millions of people who view them every day. That number is only growing, so content creators who aren’t taking advantage of it may be missing out on a lot of exposure and new followers. Stories are an easy and effective way to build an Instagram presence, and many content creators develop strategies specifically for this part of the platform.

7. Being Inconsistent

Gaining and keeping followers requires consistent posting. It shows that a content creator is serious about providing value to their followers and will take the time to show it. The best way to ensure consistency when it comes to posting Instagram content is to create a specific strategy that includes a posting schedule. There are even free apps that help people schedule posts more effectively.

8. Failing to Update Profiles

Things change and both people and companies grow. It’s important to update profiles to reflect any changes because again, that’s one of the first things potential followers will see. It’s worth taking some time each quarter to optimize an Instagram profile, including adding variation to the bio and making sure that all of the information is current.

Start Building a Following

Whether content creators are completely new to Instagram, looking to start a new account for a business or organization, or just want to give their private accounts a boost, there are plenty of ways to start gaining new followers. The best place to start is always by finding a reliable Instagram engagement expert who can get as many real followers as a user needs to be seen and start generating more organic engagement. From there, try implementing the strategies described above and just keep working at them until they pay off.

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