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Mobile Sports Betting is Nearly Over for New Yorkers [2024]

Mobile Sports Betting is Nearly Over for New Yorkers [2024]


Mobile Sports Betting – Playing catch-up with New Jersey, the Gaming Commission issued licenses for two betting coalitions that include significant personalities in the industry. New York finally announced the winners of two licenses for mobile sports betting on Monday, after years of delays as a burgeoning market formed in neighboring states. However, users may still have to wait months to play from their smartphones.

The long wait is finally over and the popular question “is mobile betting legal in NY” finally has a positive answer! The state Gaming Commission will give two licenses, bypassing one well-known name in the process — Jay-Z, who had paired up with two companies to bid for a permit — in favor of a pair of broad coalitions that include some of the industry’s greatest names.

Resorts World, which is one of the world’s largest gaming businesses, and a Chicago-based betting group that operates a casino in Schenectady, teamed up with a few sportsbooks.

Betting organizations backed the second winning group, which also featured the online operations of two other Las Vegas betting veterans.

The ruling of the gaming commission does not mean that New York gamblers can start betting at home right away: Although the state must yet authorize technical specifics and testing for the gambling platforms, many industry experts believe systems will be in place by the Super Bowl on February 13, the year’s most significant betting event.

Since 2018, residents of New Jersey have been able to bet on sporting events using their mobile phones or laptop. Mobile sports betting, as well as online betting casino games such as blackjack and roulette, are permitted in Pennsylvania; Connecticut also began allowing online betting this fall.

After years of failed beginnings, Albany legislators approved the expansion into mobile sports betting as a portion of this year’s state budget process. In 2019, lawmakers reached an agreement to allow sports betting on the premises of four upstate casinos. Still, the deal fell short of New Jersey’s laws, disappointing proponents of increased gaming.

On Monday, however, some MPs who supported the bill expressed disappointment that the companies chosen did not manage to appear to be as diversified or as numerous as they had planned.

“I’m genuinely upset that the Gaming Commission is not being fair and is reverting to the good old boy networks,” said Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, a Westchester County Democrat who chairs the Committee on Racing and Wagering in his chamber. “We’re just squabbling with the same individuals.”

Commissioners stated Monday that the evaluation process took into account whether bidders would support “racial, ethnic, and gender diversity” in their labor forces, but that characteristics like competence and experience were given more weight.

Up to nine online betting sites are anticipated to be offered by the two winning consortiums. On the other hand, New Jersey has almost a dozen regulated operators, including casinos and racetracks, who have teamed up with nearly two dozen internet betting companies to accept wagers.

State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr., a Democrat who chairs the racing, gaming, and wagering committee, expressed his optimism that once the betting sites are up and running, New York gamblers will “switch and stay.”

He stated, “We have to be competitive.” “We’re requesting that New Yorkers visit us and stay with us.”

Because of the availability of online gambling in adjacent New Jersey, some New York residents have traveled there to gamble, with some even crossing the George Washington Bridge — which connects the two states — to do so.

Mobile sports betting has been an enormous success in New Jersey; the state reported in September that it had topped $1 billion in sports betting in just one month, with the vast majority of the money coming from people’s cellphones or other mobile devices. The state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement stated that this resulted in $46 million in tax revenue.

In New York, the winning conglomerates will pay a 51 percent tax on bet profits, as well as a one-time fee of $200 million to the state. The licenses will be valid for ten years.

New York State was slower to adopt legalized gambling than many other jurisdictions, even before mobile sports betting became a multibillion-dollar industry. That changed in 2013 when voters accepted and approved a gaming expansion that allowed the construction of seven new casinos around the state. The catch was that the initial four licenses could only be given to communities in upstate New York, with the goal of boosting business in economically depressed areas.

Even while gambling businesses lobbied for new licenses to be awarded in more populated cities downstate, particularly in New York City — considered among the few surefire spots left in the country — several of the new casinos suffered terribly. The gaming commission requested that organizations interested in such licenses offer their thoughts of what the facilities may look like by December 10, bringing the notion one step closer to reality.

Only after legislators addressed issues from tribal nations that operate casinos in the state, who concerned a breach of their long-standing agreement with the state allowing them exclusive gambling rights in their region, did mobile sports betting pass.

The two winning consortiums were announced Monday. Multiple sportsbooks combined in western New York and joined on the Canadian border. Bidding businesses were awarded extra points for including tribal nations in their applications.

On the other hand, companies appeared to be aware of the state’s intention to maximize revenue, with some willing to pay more than 60% of their bet earnings in exchange for a license. With this in mind, we can say that the lawmakers in the country give the processes much attention. Why do they put so much importance into it?

Why Online Sportsbetting In New York Is A Game Changer

While New Yorkers have been able to bet in-person at retail sportsbooks since 2019, internet sports betting offers a number of benefits that fans have been overlooking. When mobile wagering debuts, New York is primed to become a prominent sports betting market, thanks in large part to the superior convenience provided by betting sites and sportsbook apps.

There are a number of reasons why online New York sports betting is a better option for bettors. Let’s take a closer look at each of these aspects to see why they are benefits that favor online sports betting in New York.

1. The convenience of online sports betting in New York

It doesn’t take much to persuade someone that online Sports Betting NY is more convenient than visiting a brick-and-mortar bookmaker. This is particularly true in a state like New York, where just a few physical stores are distributed around the state. It’s evident that gambling from the comfort of your couch is handier than making a long drive to one of these in-person wagering sites

2. Having more betting options gives you an advantage.

Sports bettors who are new to the game may be startled to learn that retail sportsbooks often have fewer sports and events to wager on. Even the types of bets available are limited compared to what you’ll discover on betting sites and mobile apps. The action in retail sportsbooks is confined chiefly to major pro and amateur sporting events. At one of these places, you’d be hard-pressed to find an obscure Russian table tennis match.

Sophisticated parlays, in-depth props, and futures wagers may also be challenging to make at these in-person locations. There are essentially no limits to the types of bets and events you can wager on when it comes to online sports betting.

3. Mobile sports betting makes online shopping easier.

Shopping around for the best odds at other sportsbooks is essential for becoming a good sports bettor. Retail sportsbooks don’t allow you to do that.

Finding the most incredible odds can help you increase your bankroll significantly. A successful $100 wager on +140 odds vs. +120 odds results in an additional $20 in earnings or 20% of your initial stake.

When you compare multiple online sportsbooks, you’ll frequently find differences like this. Being unable to do so at a retail store is a significant disadvantage for in-person betting, as you are forced to wager on the odds available at that place.

4. The New Jersey effect and the betting handle.

Last but not least, internet sports betting will be highly profitable for the state of New York. Up until now, New Yorkers have traveled to adjacent New Jersey to take advantage of everything mobile sports betting has to offer. When you compare the amount of money collected from sports betting in each state, it’s clear that New Jersey has been siphoning money from New York.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve proved that internet sports betting will be a game-changer for New York sports fans, all that’s left is to wait. As more sportsbooks and punters join the market, internet betting will only grow in popularity. You must join one of the suggested betting sites in New York to take advantage of all potential perks.

All of the above features are available on the sites listed on this page. Just be sure to choose one that fits your online gambling demands, requirements, and preferences.

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