If you frequently play slots online, you’re probably used to online casinos requesting your passport information or your image when you register or request a withdrawal of funds. In the next section, we’ll explain how to play at an online casino without a passport and assess whether or not all game clubs can pull it off.

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Why do casinos want passports from customers?

For a number of reasons, online casinos may ask players for a passport photo:

Тo ascertain your age.

When you register, your passport information is requested in order to verify your age and make sure you are at least 18 years old. It is uncommon to ask for personal information during the account creation process because it turns off the majority of clients.

When using a credit card.

If you financed your account with a bank card, authorized online casinos will need a passport photo from you when you request a withdrawal to any payment system. According to license criteria, they must perform this task in order to determine carders—individuals who steal and use the bank card numbers of other people.

After applying a bonus.

Casinos may want a passport photo from you if you received a first deposit bonus or sign-up gift to ensure that you are using it for the first time. Bonus hunters are gamers who open many accounts, take bonuses from each one, and beat casinos by disregarding the regulations.

In an effort to postpone payment.

Scam casinos may ask you for a photo of your identification when you try to withdraw money for no apparent reason in order to delay you. In the event that you lose patience, cancel the withdrawal, and lose everything, they will continue to check it for a very long period.

Exist any online casinos that don’t require verification?

Some casino operators, especially those of licensed casinos, are aware that requesting personal information and submitting paperwork scares away customers and gives them a negative impression of the gaming establishment. Because of this, they declined to confirm the clients’ identities and did not request any paperwork. These gaming establishments are referred to as no kyc online casinos, and you may browse their offerings in the relevant part of the website Honest-Casinos. We want to point you that not only when you open an account but also when you withdraw money from these gambling clubs, you won’t need to submit your information and email a passport photo.

How to access any online casino game without a passport

You can play and withdraw money from any legally operating online casino without showing your passport. You must stop using any bonuses that result in the majority of verification requests in order to accomplish this. Additionally, since using a bank card requires an account verification request, you will have to stop utilizing bank card withdrawals and deposits.

Keep in mind that any scrip casino will request your documentation as soon as possible to prevent you from making a withdrawal. We advise you to stay away from these gambling establishments because you cannot win and withdraw money from them, thus depositing there is the same as parting with your money.