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Reasons why you should consider integrating Bitcoin with your business

Reasons why you should consider integrating Bitcoin with your business

Currently there are many conflicting opinions about bitcoin and its growing use as a system of exchange of goods, we can call it currency for simplicity. The truth is that bitcoin is here to stay. As at the time, email, social networks, online shopping, and the mobile phone itself did. What is undeniable that the growth in its adoption in businesses is beginning to be unstoppable. The development of bitcoin has been truly astonishing in the last 4 years, making it the most promising commodity to trade. This phenomenon is also supported by the emergence of many trading tools such as Crypto Code.

Bitcoin (with a capital letter), is the system / protocol that makes possible the safe and stable development of operations in bitcoin (with a small letter), and that also gives rise to multiple possibilities of daily use in property matters: certifications, acquisitions , property registries, cyber democracy, etc.

Integrating bitcoin in your systems is very simple as well as charging in euros, dollars or Chinese yen. And if you only want to use it as a means of payment, don’t worry. You are not subject to the relative volatility that currently prevails in markets that value the potential of BTC. Payment gateways make it easy for you to automatically switch to your commonly used currency … if over time you continue to want to have Euros / Dollars. Most likely, you feel so comfortable with bitcoin that you decide to base part of your economy on that system. Once you know the BTC you already abandon it.

The advantages for buyers (consumers / clients) are many, especially if, as a business, you invest in your customers the savings that the usual financial costs of transactions (bank payment gateways, commissions on transactions, etc.) suppose, which with bitcoin (BTC) they just … don’t exist, or tend to zero.

The integration of BTC in your electronic commerce is possible for the main online stores: prestashop, magento, woocommerce wordpress, joomla virtuemart, etc. More and more online shop platforms are adopting cryptocurrency integration, signaling that the era of online commerce has evolved into something that might have looked completely different a few years ago.

The impact on innovation that the use of the currency will give you is not negligible either. It is a new opportunity to get references, links, visibility and brand recognition that from an SEO point of view will improve your positioning.

The legislation on this matter has not yet been agreed, and the regulatory frameworks will finally favor the use of a technology in which all are advantages for the end users. Banks will adapt to the system, because on the other hand it is time. And the tax regulations are the same as for national or international online transactions in other currencies. In some European and Latin American countries, cryptocurrency adaptations have come a long way, making them seem part of today’s modern transactions, not limited to online communities.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the future of humanity. They are the embodiment of transactions that are free from formal arrangements but still safe. Integrating bitcoin in your business is the first step to staying updated in modern business competition. Hopefully this article can provide a new insight that is useful for you. Thanks for reading!

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