Importance of Test Automation in Continuous Testing

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Things are expected to change in the agile and DevOps environment. Organizations are transforming people, processes, and technologies to deliver quality software products. The only thing that remnants unchanged is the software testing process. according to a recent study, 70% of organizations have adopted agile, but only 30% have automated testing. on the other hand, the percentage of businesses that have adopted agile is 88% and only 26% of them have adopted test automation.

Continuous Testing Requires Automation Testing

Continuous testing is a framework under the DevOps platform. It follows a systematic approach to testing and is embedded within the development process, instead of being tacked at the end. It is evident that most of the legacy testing tools are not fit for continuous testing. So, it becomes important to look at different automation testing services available.

Type of Automation in Software Testing

There are two types of automation to testing:

  1. Automated testing
  2. Test automation

Both of these may seem the same, but they are two different types of testing. Automated testing revolves around specific tests via automation instead of carrying them out manually. Whereas, test automation refers to automating the process of tracking different tests. Both approaches are equally vital to continuous testing.

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Reasons Why Test Automation is Necessary for Continuous Testing

To understand why test automation is important in continuous testing, one should know clear-cut views about continuous testing. it is a different approach to software testing that focuses on quality assurance. Testing is carried out at the end of a software development cycle normally.

But when moving to DevOps, testing is done constantly during different stages of development. So, when a continuous testing approach is followed, testing is conducted side by side during the development process. it is not only conducted to focus on quality but also focuses on the speed.

This is done because if something in the pipeline breaks down, everything else will be held and software release will be slowed down. Thus, the need for delivering new releases faster and regularly, the continuous delivery approach is taken.

In this way, organizations work consistently while keeping pace with the speed, and this is where automation helps. All these tests are managed in the continuous testing, and a lot of efforts are required to keep track of new codes, and to integrate it with the process of continuous delivery.

Test automation releases the burden of manual testing, by automating all the testing activities, including how much of each test will cover. Test automation goes a long way without human intervention in creating effective test cases to ensure software quality.


In the DevOps environment, continuous delivery model and continuous testing are successful. Testers need to come up with how to manage the change that comes with automation in the software development lifecycle. Test automation is the ultimate weapon that safeguards the testers and increases their ability to keep track of all tests carried out during this pipeline.


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