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How to Invent a Product: A Beginner’s Guide to Bring Your Ideas to Life

How to Invent a Product: A Beginner’s Guide to Bring Your Ideas to Life

So, you’re wondering how to invent a product (the easy way)? Click here for a beginner’s guide to the best inventor software!

Did you know inventions like Coca-Cola and the microwave oven happened on accident? Some of the greatest inventions aren’t actually planned but discovered. So, how do you create an invention?

With this guide, you can find out. In fact, you can learn how to invent a product today. From creating a prototype to filing a patent, you’ll become an inventor in no time.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at the best way to invent a product:

Do Your Research

Before you start creating a prototype, you should conduct thorough research from both a legal and a business basis. First, look to see if there are already any patents related to your idea. To be more thorough, search through “prior art” to see if anyone has designed anything similar to your idea.

Next, research the market to see if your product is something people will want to buy. Determine if there’s a need or a want for your product in society.

Also, make sure the price of manufacturing and distribution is reduced enough that your retail price is logical. If the costs are too high, you won’t make much money from your product.

Create a Prototype

A prototype is a model of your design that demonstrates your invention. To begin, start sketching all of your designs. That way, you can produce a visual representation of what you want to create.

Next, it’s time to make your prototype. While it can be tricky depending on the software your using to make this step easier, use Inventables. This CNC machine allows you to carve your design with ease. No CNC experience is needed instead the software helps guide you through each step.

After a prototype is made, make sure to test it for flaws or malfunctions. If it works properly, you’re all set, congratulations you’ve completed the first major step toward making an invention.

File a Patent

After you created your prototype, the next thing you should do is file a patent. There are two primary types of patents to choose from:

  • Utility Patent: This patent is mainly for new machines or new processes.
  • Design Patent: This patent is primarily for manufacturing and new decorative designs.

You should fill out the patent yourself but wait to file it until you have a patent attorney read it over first. If you don’t have a strongly worded patent, a competitor could potentially find loopholes and copy your invention. That’s why it’s best to seek help from an attorney now in order to prevent legal trouble in the future.

Create a Business Plan

Creating a business plan is the key to future success. Thus, you should think about these seven important topics:

  • Concept of Business
  • Originality
  • Product Capability
  • Strategy of Execution
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Financial Strategy

Also, think about what you want your company’s mission to be or what you want your business to stand for. If needed, make sure to seek the help of a business attorney or a marketing professional.

How to Invent a Product Today

Inventing a product takes more than skill; in fact, it involves a lot of legal and business knowledge. However, when first tackling an invention, always do your research. After all, someone may have already come up with a similar concept.

While inventing tends to be a long and tedious process, it more than worthwhile to see your invention succeed. Now, if you’re interested in learning more about how to invent a product, visit our website today.

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