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How to Improve Call Center Services in Telecom Industry?

Telecom industry is the epicenter of growth when it comes to marking the progression in IT and Business infrastructure.

Today almost every functionality of sectors directly or indirectly falls in the telecom’s niche. The businesses are leaping forward with the latest mediums of technology so as to offer the sophisticated experience to its customer with the purpose to guarantee the practice of customer retention.

Reports published by Statista Research Department shows the hike in the number of mobile connections from the year 2015 to 2020 by 7.5 billion to over 9 billion in numbers.

Thus, in order to manage such a huge counter, the telecom industry needs to serve the state of the art services to its clients and their following customers with its apt inputs through the excellent call center services.

Let’s dive in!

Telecom Industry in Nutshell – Services & Facts

The telecom industry is laced with wired, wireless communication channels along with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) channels is assumed to cross the revenue of trillions in the coming years.

According to MarketWatch, ‘The telecom global market size has progressed following the massive pattern of Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.4% by the year 2022 with the increase in value to $3,453.2 billion from $2,693.4 billion in the year 2018’.

Telecom often termed as telecommunication is known as the biggest revenue generator in the domain of technology-driven sectors. It all revolves around the telecommunication companies and internet service provider with the offerings of voice services across the networks of mobile and other internet-connected peripheral devices.

Nowadays, the telecom sector has moved much more over from voice-based services to text in a convenient manner such as email, text messages, videos and images along with the influx of data security, online banking, mobile payments and IoT-driven functions in order to offer genuine customer support and call center services.

What is the Importance of Call Center Services in the Telecom Industry?

Telecom sector is expanding at an agile speed by working on the needs of the customer and its accessibility to connect with the industry type at an ease.

Today, the increase in numbers of mobile and internet users has set a wide platform for the marketer to move their feet in the direction of setting the venture in the telecom sector.

Thus, in order to match the level of customer’s expectation, one needs to recognize the significance of call center in the domain so as to stop them from moving to your competitors, luring them with lucrative plans.

According to FinancesOnline, ‘13% of the global call center is shared by the segments of telecom, technology and media industry’.

The organizations are quelling over the benefits of wired, wireless along with the services of VoIP over the internet. Thus, in order to acknowledge the customer with the best of their plans and incentives, it mandatory to advocate the efficient call center executives in the call center to serve the fabricated range of services. It further includes phone answering services, registering of complaints, follow-ups on payment related queries and many more.

Pre-Requisites of Telecom Industry for Call Center

All we know about the importance of call center services in the telecom industry, but we least know about is the requirement needed to set-up the call center in an organization aiming to deliver the telecom services.

Thus, it is essential to have a generic look over the pre-requisites of telecom organization needed for proximate solutions to customer’s inquiry, such as:

  • It should possess an adequate range of hardware efficient enough to support the trends of call centers from basic resources like LAN, Dialers to advanced inputs like Computer Technology Integration (CTI) and Automatic Call Distributor (ACD).
  • And also, should hold proficiency over Customer Resource Management (CRM), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for polished delivery of customer service.
  • Should also have hands-on latest telecom network and operation for catering of best call center solutions like 5G Wireless communication, VoIP, Cloud Computing, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • It should hold the team of efficient Call Center Executive, with expertise in the domain over the years in order to understand the query of the customer and provide the best solution, simultaneously.

What are the Major Challenges faced by the Call Centers in Telecom Industry?

In the age of piracy and hi-tech networking scams, the major astriction fall over the point of managing the call center with full care of authority and services. Thus, inefficiency in catering to the call and need of the customer with apt call center services may lead you amid the barren land equipped with all sort of resources but worth for nothing.

Following are the set of challenges faced by the call center in the telecom industry, that’s needed to be avoided by the business owner as much as possible:

  • The threat to data security.
  • Proactive warnings.
  • No provision for 24*7 customer support.
  • Backlogs in the collection of insights and analytics.
  • Matching the steps with the latest and advanced technology.
  • Call center agent’s lack of expertise in the domain.

How to Recover the Call Center Services in Telecom Industry for ROI Generation?

As discussed above, the challenges if not handled well can create the situations leading to future ordeals. Although, the telecom industry has taken revolutionary steps to improve the quality of network solutions. The stagnant services of networking and call center can restrict the growth of the organization, after an extant period of time.

Thus, one can follow the steps, discussed below in order to improve the call center services in the telecom industry. Let’s explore more of it:

#1. By Following the Metrics and KPIs of Call Center

The call center metrics and KPIs play a vital role in improving and moving the services of a call center in the best way possible in an optimized manner. These metrics bolsters the call center agents to work accordingly to the standards set by the organization by including the parameters such as abandoned call rate, first call resolution, average handling time, cost per call, etc.

You can explore which metrics you need to track with

Following the metrics, call center monitors the ins and outs of its telecom organization whether it’s the rate of call and solutions offered to them or registering the complaint about networking, connection and payments.

Thus, one can expect to improve the services of the call center for the telecom sector by pondering over the considerations of significant standards and metrics.

#2. By Proactive Responding to Customers Query

Proactive respond can be understood as making a prompt response to the inquiry registered by the customer through the most adequate communication channel.

The leaping technology has open-up the wide platform to connect with the customer and ponder on the issue as soon as possible. The medium of the channel can differ as per the convenience of the customer such as social media, live chat, forums, emails, etc.

Thus, making the active appearance on all the possible social media platforms and responding to the queries of the customer can help the telecom industry to grow in all possible ways.

#3. By Adopting the Latest Means of Technology

VoIP is one of the main networking channels when it comes to having hands-on the latest set of technology. Also, if as a business owner of the telecom industry, you are planning to improve the services of your call center. It is advisable to grope the hands-on the latest technologies such as IoT, AI and Blockchain, so as to assure the security of customer’s data and grab the attention of the potential set of customers.

Also, according to Deloitte, ‘56% of organizations dealing with the sector of telecom, technology and media are planning to invest in the latest mode of technology i.e; Artificial Intelligence’.

Thus, if planning to improve the significant call center service, start advocating the latest tools and software, favorable for customer support and service.

#4. By Following the Insights and Analytics for Customer Satisfaction

The Insights and analytics act as a boosting factor when it comes to improving the services of the call center. These insights are based on deep research and mined data from various resources.

Thus, analyzing the core of insights can help you help in understanding the customer’s obligation in a better way.

In Conclusion

On the concluding note, we can safely consider the fact that intrusive efforts of call center portray a very prominent role in the telecom industry to cater to the practice of customer retention along with up to the marked delivery of call center services and telecommunication necessities.

The call center solutions help in boosting the factors for particular telecom operators and services by advocating the trust factor among its potential customers.

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