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How Nudges Revolutionized the Digital World.

How Nudges Revolutionized the Digital World.

How can you create a delightful product experience? The best way to make your product a habit is by using in-app nudges. It will help enhance the app’s experience by influencing the user’s behavior. Why are digital nudges essential for app activation and adoption? There are different kinds of in-app nudges. It is up to you to find the perfect fit for your product.

In-app nudges.

An app user should get value in the few minutes they spend navigating an app. Use the correct information and context to engage with your users. In-app nudges make it possible to influence the user’s behavior when using an app. A good quality digital nudge enhances the product experience if it is non-intrusive, subtle, individualized, and contextual. Digital nudges hugely impact the following:

  • Product metrics.
  • User retention.
  • User activation.

If the onboarding process is data-driven, the chances of success are high. Users will be guided to discover features at the right moment and context, leading to higher click-through rates. To increase brand loyalty and conversions, individualize the digital nudges.

Types of in-app nudges.

1. Modals.

It gives users a peek into the main app using pop-up messages that displays on the app’s screen.

2. Tooltips.

It gives essential instructions and information to help the user understand how a feature works and the steps to follow. Tooltips nudge are position based. It provides short in-line messages that inform the user about a specific feature. To divert the user’s attention to discover a specific feature, use tooltips that are contextually deployed.

3. Coach marks.

It is a flashing indicator that attracts the user’s attention and directs them to a specific feature.

4. Videos.

It takes time and costs a lot of money to create high-quality videos. However, it is a good idea to use full-screen videos to introduce flagship features. If you want a nudging tool that is powerful for user onboarding and feature adoption, use picture-in-picture videos. These videos can be:

o          Replayed.

o          Expanded.

o          Dragged.

o          Collapsed.

While playing the video, the user can learn how to use the app while navigating to different parts of the screen.

5. Bottom sheets.

It displays more content when it slides up from the bottom of the screen. It happens only when the user initiates the action.

6. Spotlight.

If you want to introduce and highlight a new feature, use the spotlight UI. A spotlight is a simple colored dot placed next to an updated feature. It offers a CTA which redirects a user to another page. When you subtly divert the user’s attention, you influence their behavior.

7. Walkthroughs.

It is when you guide your user using a step-by-step approach to find a specific feature.


In-app nudges create a delightful user experience by impacting user retention, product metrics, and user activation. The best digital nudge is data-driven, non-intrusive, subtle, individualized, and contextualized. If you want to increase brand loyalty and conversions, individualize the digital nudges. Tooltips, bottom sheets, walkthroughs, spotlight, videos, and coach marks are various kinds of in-app nudges.

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