How Gaming Can Help You Lose Weight

Over the years computer games have been blamed for gamers’ sedentary behaviour and in many cases for people being overweight or unfit. The idea of sitting down and playing a computer game might seem like a great way to relax, but does it result in us moving our bodies enough? We all know that being fit & healthy is affected by how much physical exercise we get & how much we move our bodies – so can playing computer games really help you lose weight?

The Importance of a Healthy Weight

We all live different lifestyles & therefore our bodies have different requirements – however, most people will agree that on days they have eaten well & moved more, they feel better. Being overweight can affect life in many ways, especially with regard to health and wellbeing. Feeling good about ourselves and looking after our bodies is really important. If you are worried about your weight, then speaking to a healthcare professional could be a good place to start. However, for many people moving their bodies more often and for longer is one of the best ways to lose weight & get fitter.

Can Computer Games Really Help You Lose Weight?

Betway recently carried out some research surrounding popular computer games and just how much they could help in your mission to lose weight.

17 gamers took part in the research, playing popular computer games for an hour and a half – to see how this compared to taking part in an actual workout session. Most people will be surprised to learn that a lengthy gaming session can burn over 500 calories – which when you consider women should be taking in on average 2000 calories a day is a pretty decent amount. So yes, alongside any other lifestyle changes you need to make gaming can help you exercise more and therefore lose weight.

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Which Games Are Best For Calorie burning?

The research looked at some of the most popular computer technology games of 2022 and the top three results were Fortnight (194 calories), FIFA (189 calories) and Call of Duty: Warzone (188 calories) when the games were enjoyed for just 90 minutes. This means you would need to do over 350 squats to equal the number of calories burned by playing Fortnight for an hour and a half. Of course, all bodies are different and burn calories at different rates but by anyone’s stretch of the imagination, playing a computer game is probably a pretty appealing alternative.

Losing weight generally comes down to burning more calories each day than you consume. This means that a decent gaming session, where you burn a few hundred calories is a great way to set yourself up for a successful weight loss result. The chances are you’ll need to combine this with some other lifestyle changes, but the next time someone tells you that you’re playing too many computer games you can simply tell them that you’re doing it for your health!

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