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Forex Fury Review: Should You Trade with Forex Fury?
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Forex Fury Review: Should You Trade with Forex Fury?

Forex Fury Review

Forex Fury Review: In this Forex Fury review, we explain why you should trade with Forex Fury in 2022 and beyond to automate your trading and get mind-blowing results.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. And thanks to COVID, people geared more toward automation to save time. Thus, the idea of a Forex robot is not alien to the traders. In fact, there are tons of Forex robots in the market. Traders use these robots to automate their trading and bring good profitable results.

Forex is a volatile arena. The sharp rise and fall in currency prices can create havoc for the trader. Moreover, the Forex market is open throughout the day. And a trader cannot sit for 24 hours in front of his screen to open or exit a position. Forex robots allow traders to trade in the market without having to sit in front of the screens all the time. Forex robots are a big blessing for traders who are students, have a job, or are simply unable to spend a lot of time evaluating the market.

But the question here arises: Which Forex Robot EA is the best and provides positive results?

The internet has tons of recommendations for Forex robots. But not every EA is well-suited for traders. Many robots claim to be the best and promise to trade strategically and provide hefty profits. Newbie traders get swooned away by these promises and often purchase these robots. And after putting these robots to use, traders learn that all the claims and promises are phony.

Forex robots are supposed to help you in Forex trading. Hence, you should invest in a Forex EA that makes claims and fulfills them. Forex Fury is undoubtedly one of the best Forex EAs on the market. Let’s see why Forex Fury has gained immense popularity and won the trust of so many traders.

Forex Fury Review

Forex Fury is a 100% automated Forex robot. It was designed and developed by the Rypax Inc. team. The team has also developed another famous product known as Forex Stream. Forex Fury is not only designed for newbie traders; instead, it works equally well for seasoned Forex players.

What makes Forex Fury the best EA option is its remarkable feature and a fantastic 93% win rate.

On purchasing Forex Fury, you will get an installation guide. The guide is well-explanatory and makes the installation process easier for traders. Forex Fury also provides stellar customer service to traders. But the best part about this Forex EA is its ease to use. From beginner to pro, every trader can use this robot as per their liking.

What Are the Main Features of Forex Fury?

Forex Fury provides a myriad variety of features to its users. It provides traders with freedom and flexibility to pursue their trading strategy without exposing themselves to big risks. Forex Fury is compatible with many trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, FIFO, etc. The robot also supports ECN along with fail-safe money management systems.

Apart from this, the robot also offers a range of filters. These filters protect traders from opening positions in unfavorable market conditions. This saves the trader from sustaining losses and losing his capital.

Another thing that sets Forex Fury apart from other Forex robots is that developers provide 15-year backtest results. And the reason behind this is to prove the authenticity and reliability of their robot. But, the developers have also stated that they do not rely much on backtesting results. They favor the idea of presenting real trading data.

However, if someone wants to access the backtesting results, they can do it from the member’s area.

Does Forex Fury Work?

One of the best things about Forex Fury is that it is super easy to use. Traders do not have to invest time or hire an expert to install it. Upon purchasing the Forex Fury, the users get a comprehensive guide and videos to help them install the Forex EA.

According to developers, the installation merely takes 5 minutes, and the robot is ready to be put to use.

What is the Latest Version of Forex Fury in 2022?

What is the Latest Version of Forex Fury in 2022?

One of the major features that differentiate Forex Fury from other EAs is its developers continuously strive to provide the latest features. The latest version of Forex Fury Version 5 BETA is all set to help traders in 2022.

The latest version provides helpful features which will increase the chances of more winning trades and profits.

The following are some of the latest features in the Forex Fury Version 5 BETA

1. Enable or Disable Hidden SL/TP

In V5 BETA, traders can easily enable or disable SL/TP according to their preference. Another mind-blowing feature added in V5 BETA is:

2. News Filter

The Forex market is heavily influenced by important world events and news. News impacts the currency prices, which consequently affect the trade.

The news filter feature of the V5 BETA version will be made available on the MetaTrader4 platform. This feature enables the trader to set up events and news filters so that he doesn’t enter the market during unfavorable hours.

This feature will allow the trader to stay relaxed and safe about his investments. The trading market is volatile. It is hard to expect how the market will turn out. Nevertheless, traders apply trading strategies to make their trades profitable and mitigate losses. However, when major events or news hit the market, trends aren’t detectable. Consequently, the trading strategy is adversely affected.

The latest feature of News Filter is a no-brainer to use. It will be a great help to traders as it will shield them against market volatility.

The third remarkable addition in the latest Forex Fury version is:

3. Trend Filter

Trend filter is another unique and extremely useful feature provided by Forex Fury’s V5 version. This feature makes it possible for the robot to trade under trending conditions. Expert traders recommend adding a slow and fast-moving average for this purpose.

Trends help determine the price direction. It is quite challenging for traders to define the trend themselves. Hence, they need a trend filter to review the trend and then develop a suitable trading strategy. Forex traders can select their desired timeframe to see the trends. They can choose the timeframes from an hour, days, to even months.

Pro Forex traders treat trend filters as their best friends. With trend filters, traders stand a better chance of reaping more profits. And profit is the primary objective of every Forex trader.

Moving on to the 4th feature of this version:

4. Reversal Strategy Removal

The primary purpose of the reversal strategy is to reverse the original strategy or logic. A lot of traders do not find this strategy useful. The reversal strategy is to help traders optimize short positions. But more than that, there’s no such need for this feature.

Thus, Forex Fury V5 doesn’t have this feature. The latest version is packed with advanced features that will provide much value to the trader. The next powerful feature of this Forex EA is:

5. Money Management Adjustments

Forex Fury V5 provides traders the option of money management adjustments. Many traders have sworn that this feature has helped them with stable performance and long-term growth.

This feature is also very helpful for novice traders. They can trade fully confident in the market as this feature can help lessen their risks. This feature is super helpful in reducing your investment risks. But at the same time, it can prove helpful for seizing good results.

Moving on to another mind-blowing feature of V5:

6. Martingale Strategy Adjustments

Martingale’s strategy is quite useful for Forex traders in a growing market. The term growing or expanding market refers to where the trading currency pairs provide small kickbacks from the initial trend, making a comeback.

One of the greatest advantages of this strategy is that it allows traders to profit a little lower when they make the next order instead of each order that brings triggered static volume. According to many professional Forex traders, the Martingale strategy works the best when prices lie in a narrow range.

Many traders use this feature when the market starts to fall and make strong kickbacks. With a slight downfall in prices, this strategy protects traders and pulls them out of trades. This saves them from losing their investments and sustaining losses. Martingale’s Strategy in Forex Fury V5 is pretty aggressive. It can undoubtedly change traders’ position in the volatile Forex market.

Forex Fury Client Reviews 2022

Forex Fury is not like the other EAs on the market that brags and cannot provide anything. Because Forex Fury is trusted by many traders, beginners, and experts. The 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot and a long list of reviews from legit users vouch for its authenticity and powerful features.

Let’s take a look at a few Forex Fury reviews by clients:





he above Forex Fury reviews aren’t the only ones that vouch for the robot’s performance. You can visit Trustpilot’s Official Forex Fury Review page and read all the reviews for yourself.

Forex Fury MyFXBook Trading Results


Still, wondering if all the claims and reviews are legit?

Well, Forex Fury doesn’t make false claims. Take a look at Forex Fury’s MyFXBook Trading Results to clear all the traces of doubts.

Forex Fury MyFXBook Trading Results

In the above image, you can see a stable record of Forex Fury’s performance on Myfxbook. You can easily track those results through different account types present on the website. We’d like to add that all those accounts on the website display noticeable progress. The yield on basic deposits is more or less 80%.

You can check some of the Forex Fury’s MyFXBook live trading results below:

We will now address one of the most important questions: Is Forex Fury Free To Use?

Is Forex Fury Free To Use?

Is Forex Fury Free To Use?

All good things come with a price, and so does Forex Fury. There are two different plans of Forex Fury EA, which you can purchase as per your desire.

And the prices of this robot are justified and worth it for the features and benefits it provides to Forex traders:

Gold Package

Its Gold package is a popular choice amongst traders and is priced at $229.99. Purchasing this package provides a license to 1 live trading account, infinite demo accounts, lifetime membership, free updates, and high-performance settings.

If you want to automate more than 1 trading account, the Diamond package is the perfect option.

Diamond Package

The Diamond package is priced at $439.99. This package provides licenses to 2 live trading accounts, infinite demo accounts, lifetime membership, free updates, and high-performance settings.

And these packages require just a one-time payment. No renewals, up charges, or membership costs. It’s all covered in a one-time payment. Another remarkable thing about purchasing Forex Fury is that you get it immediately after buying. You don’t have to wait for days or fill out extra forms to get the product.

We will now proceed and cover the most important question of this review:

Is Forex Fury the Best Forex EA?

After looking at its powerful features, client reviews, and stellar customer service, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Forex Fury is the best Forex EA in the market.

The prices of this robot are its most striking feature. You just have to pay once in a lifetime to automate your account, get free updates and have a lifelong membership. We’re sure such a Forex EA is hard to find in the market.

Is Forex Fury Profitable?

Forex Fury has a fantastic winning record which is 93% and it is expected that this rate will flourish further. Its proven and tested SET files, along with its low, medium, and high risk strategies are sure to prove very profitable for the trader.

Moreover the robot’s ECN support and effective money management ensures a sustainable growth of trading accounts.

Forex Fury Review: Conclusion

Automating your live trading accounts with a powerful robot will benefit you in the long run. However, selecting the right and best Forex EA in the market can be quite challenging.

As a trader, you have to invest in an EA that is reasonably priced, well-reputed, provides prompt customer service, and has verified results. And without a speck of doubt, you will find all these things in Forex Fury.

Forex Fury is loved and trusted by many traders across the world. And you don’t have to take our word for it. You can visit different Forex communities and review portals to see what actual traders say about this Forex EA.

This Forex EA is super simple to download and install. Even a newbie can easily download it without any help.

But before you proceed to pay your hard-earned money for buying this EA, we strongly recommend you conduct your own research. Visit Forex Fury’s website, read its features, FAQs, policies, and other important details to clear all your questions. You can also check out their YouTube channel to see real trading results on live accounts.

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