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Tips For Flutter Developers To Grow Professionally [2024]

Tips For Flutter Developers To Grow Professionally [2024]


Released back in May 2017 by Google, Flutter is an open-source mobile application framework that delivers a single codebase for both platforms. Before Flutter came along, developers usually chose Native development services due to their excellent user experience, high quality and good performance. However, people opting for flutter developer jobs can enjoy these benefits as well as cross platform compatibility.

Moreover, many who chose flutter for app development instead of previously established frameworks were quite impressed with the speed and range it offered. Other benefits of flutter include compilation to native apps no longer requiring JavaScript bridges. It also offers a hassle-free method of writing code for all platforms with its “write once, run everywhere” approach.

Nonetheless, there are still tricks and tips which can help people involved in flutter developer jobs unlock the application’s true potential. Below we have listed some of the best tips and tricks which can make using flutter easier than ever.

1)Set cross-platform icons

Is setting icons for both iOS and Android versions of your app  proving to be a difficult task?  Well, we have a solution to your troubles. We are here to tell you two different ways in which you can use the flutter launcher icon.

First of all, set up your config file





ios: “true”

Image_path: “assets/icon/icon.png”

Now run the package

Flutter pub get

Flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons: main

By implementing the above steps, people doing flutter developer jobs can easily set cross-platform icons.

2)Avoid repetition by developing a custom extension

So many people performing flutter developer jobs often find themselves in a bit of a problem when they have to write the same code in a different place. What if we tell you that with flutter you do not have to write the same code? By using the custom extension, you can transfer the same HTML code throughout pages during any project development.

3)Increase productivity with flutter code snippet

Flutter code snippet helps you easily create frequently used flutter methods and classes. It helps you create various shortcuts by creating function-specific widgets like streamBldr widget and singlechildSV widget. In order to use flutter code snippets for Android, Android studio is the right option. Likewise, for iOS VScode is the correct choice for people with flutter developer jobs.

4)Use to leverage

With time, your app will grow which is when you will need to put your app’s logic in classes separated from your widget. You will need to do this so that you can inject it as a dependency whenever needed. Now you may be wondering why is it a good idea to keep your widgets away from direct dependencies? Well, the simple reason being that doing so makes it easier to test your code, debug as well as maintain it.

Also, the code is organized in a better way, however, you will need a way to access these objects. This is where comes in, it is simply a service locator for dart and flutter projects helping people with flutter developer jobs. allows you to leverage the benefits of dependency and can be used instead of Inherited Widget or provider to access objects from UI.

5)Easily debug by slowing down animation

Debugging is something that everyone involved in flutter developer jobs spends a lot of time on. Flutter is no different as it should also be free from all bugs in order to run smoothly. This is why it is very important to check each and every segment of your flutter animation. By using flutter inspector to slow down animation you can easily debug to ensure seamless performance.

6)Format code with Darfmt

Editing commas in one’s existing code is a hassle that follows each and every developer till they achieve perfection. A lot many people in flutter developers jobs have wished for an app which can perform this tedious task for them. Darfmt does it effortlessly without disturbing the flow of your code.

7)Performance overlay

Performance overlay is calculated as the time taken by each frame to build. At the bottom is the Ui Time (Ui Thread) which shows how much time was required by this thread to produce each frame whereas at the top is GPU time (Raster thread) which shows how much time was required on this thread to produce each frame.

Usually both the values will be less than the total frame budget of the hardware on which the app is running. In other words, if the line is green then the condition is good whereas if it is red then the condition is bad. By setting performance overlay to ‘true’ you will be able to see all the values.

What to do when hiring remote flutter developers

After reading the above tips and tricks which people involved in flutter developer jobs can use, you will realize that hiring one who knows their work inside out can be a bit of a challenge especially if you do not possess the right information about the knowledge required to perform the duties expected of a flutter developer.

This is why you need someone with experience in recruiting experienced people who have previously been a part of successful flutter developer jobs. This way, you ensure that you hire people with the right skillset and who are  able to perform the tasks in a swift manner. offers experienced flutter developers after testing their skills in Flutter SDK and Dart programming language, third-party libraries and APIs, Firebase database, Flutter widgets for both Android/iOS, building Flutter module, Flutter plug-ins, writing modular and concise code, and expertise in OOPS concepts, etc. .

With Turing, organizations can access a talent pool of the top 1% of 700K+ remote software developers with strong technical and communication skills who work in their time zone. Turing helps you hire pre-vetted developers from 100+ skills using it’s intelligent cloud system which helps you source, vet, manage and match developers in a fast and effective manner.  There’s no risk. Turing offers a free two-week trial period to make sure your developers deliver to your standards.


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