Know Your Bags: Find The Perfect Bag Type That Fits You

Know Your Bags: Find The Perfect Bag

Bags are essential for people on the go. There are many kinds of bags, and all have two fundamental functions.

Bags are primarily used to carry your stuff, and each bag is unique in what they can carry. Moreover, bags come in different styles and have unique aesthetics.

Handbags can range from a satchel to a minaudiere, from a carbon fiber backpack to a leather one.

There are bags for every situation, and knowing how to balance both style and function is extremely important.

Here are some of the most popular and most used type of bags that may be to find the perfect bag for you.

Messenger Bags

  • A messenger bag is useful when you only have to carry light items like documents. As the name suggests, the original users of messenger bags are messengers and couriers.
  • Since you only sling the bag around one shoulder, you can be quick and nimble with your movements.
  • Messenger bags can also have handles that let you carry them by hand. This feature is useful when you are wearing a suit since the straps can ruin the jacket.

Duffel Bags

  • Duffel bags are useful for carrying heavier stuff and are ideal for rugged or long-distance travel. These are also typical sports bag.
  • These have the capacity and durability to carry raining gear such as shoes, gloves, and extra clothes. However, they are portable enough to carry around the streets.
  • There are even leather duffel bags that have a more formal aesthetic. This design increases the use of a duffel bag from just casual settings to business affairs.


  • Although still practical, handbags have become more of a fashion statement. Some handbags, like a tote bag or a frame bag, can still carry a decent amount of stuff.
  • However, a clutch or an envelope can only take small things like cash, a phone, or basic cosmetics.


  • Backpacks are ubiquitous in their uses. Whether you are going for a hike or just going to school, there is an appropriate backpack for your trip.
  • Decent backpacks have plenty of compartments that offer a better organization. Because backpacks have two straps that go over each shoulder, they provide better weight distribution. They also keep your hands free.
  • Although a backpack is uncommon when wearing a suit, some backpacks are designed for formal settings, like coffeeshop meetings.
  • Backpacks come in different materials. A typical backpack, such as one used for school, would be made of nylon.
  • There are, however, bolder options for backpack material. A carbon fiber backpack is becoming common.
  • The lightness and durability of carbon fiber further add to the flexible use of the bag.
  • Carbon fiber also has a sleek and sophisticated appearance that can allow a person to get away with bringing a backpack to a formal setting.
  • Some of these carbon fiber backpacks are even specific for users out and about in the city.


In a society where people always have places to go to, a bag is a must-have. Choose a bag depending on your destination and what you will carry.

Because of the functionality of bags, whatever your choices may be, bags are investments that deserve careful consideration.

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