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Do Irish people gamble excessively?

Do Irish people gamble excessively?

Do Irish people gamble excessively?

A big stereotype that people have about the Irish is that they gamble excessively, although this is not strictly true. A lot of this perception is down to the Irish themed slot games that players encounter – play online casino games now.

Irish gambling

Ireland is often a country which is associated with gambling because of the popular Irish slot theme. Although every country has gamblers, the truth is that the people of Ireland are not the hard gamblers that the Irish slot theme portrays them as. Irish gambling habits are not unlike the rest of the UK’s, many players prefer online gambling due to the accessibility that it offers but there are still many fans of physical casinos. The regulation in Ireland is not as strict as other countries, although players still need to be able to ensure that they are playing responsibly. Players will need to have valid ID to provide proof of their age before they start gambling in the country.

Irish slots

One of the main reasons why people may think that Irish people gambling excessively may be the Irish themed slot games. These slot themes are incredibly popular with players, they can be found in pretty much every online casino. The popularity of this slot theme may influence how other people view Irish slot playing habits.

  1. Irish slot themes are very popular with players for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the biggest is the Rainbow Riches series of slot games. This is a long running slot series, there was a time in the UK where you could not enter a put or bar without seeing a slot from the Rainbow Riches game in the corner somewhere.
  2. Irish slot themed games are also incredibly easy to use, there is nothing complicated about them. They do not contain any overly complicated bonuses or mini games, the graphics and designs are easy to understand and the gameplay is always smooth and enjoyable.
  3. One thing to remember about Irish themed slots is that they are not the real Ireland. Instead, they portray a fictionalized version of the country. There are not actually pots of gold hidden at the ends of rainbows in Ireland, helpful leprechauns or lots of green rivers, it is simply a stereotype.

Other countries

Ireland is not the only country to be considered excessive gamblers, there are a few nations around the world who have been named this. The following countries are also considered heavy gamblers.

  • England – Believe it or not but the English are viewed as heavy gamblers. There is no doubt that this perception is down to sports betting, with things such as rugby and football being the main reason.
  • New Zealand – Another country where gambling is viewed as being prominent, New Zealand actually has a long history with gambling. This is down to its complex laws which allow physical gambling but ban it completely online, unless the provider is based outside the country.

Final Thoughts

Although the perception may be that the Irish bet excessively, this is not necessarily true. They don’t bet any more than other nations such as England or New Zealand.

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