Depositphotos Review: Effective Ways to Use Stock Video Files

Depositphotos Review

Organizing a video shoot is a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming process. Even if you manage to find a team and a way to cover costs, post-production can bring up new issues. In a situation like this, stock footage is extremely helpful. Videos recorded by professional content creators from all over the world can be used for commercial or editorial purposes. They can also be edited to fit your brand’s visual identity. Read this article to find out more about Depositphotos, a library with over 10 million video files, and their tips on effective ways to use stock footage in your marketing campaigns.

What is Depositphotos?

Depositphotos has been around since 2009. The company has more than 210 million royalty-free stock photos, vector images, illustrations, videos, and music files. When working on a new project, you can save resources on visuals and audio by downloading them from Depositphotos.

On Depositphotos, images, vectors, and videos are categorized by theme for a friendlier user experience. However, you can search for files by keyword as well. The website also has a very intuitive search interface that will help you with various file parameters such as image orientation, color, size, and more. The website offers support in 24 different languages and provides trustworthy customer reviews from around the world.

Depositphotos search filters

Depositphotos has a huge library, which means there’s a lot of visual content to look through. To speed up the search process, use their searсh field. For better results, use search filters and make sure to watch previews to see stock footage in action.

When searching by keyword, you can add other helpful filters from their panel:

  • People – filter by the number of people you want in your video.
  • Contributor – find your favorite artist by entering their name.
  • Editorial – this filter allows you to search for event-specific visuals that can be used to illustrate articles or posts

Also, you can sort by the Date a video was added to the library and by Resolution (720p up to 4K). Their searсh engine is AI-based, so it will suggest video сolleсtions based on your search topiс.

Video collections

If you need to quickly find thematic content, you can explore curated collections of video files. The visuals are hand-picked by in-house content curators to bring you the trendiest and most relevant content. They’ll meet your requirements and perfectly suit your feed, presentation, or movie. All the selected video footage can be edited or used without making adjustments. You can find collections by scrolling down on the home page, and you can also search by keyword or category on the Depositphotos website.

Where to use stock footage

Stock clips are segments from full-length videos. They are about 60 seconds long and are made for commercial purposes. Usually, they are used for TV, advertising, or interface design. In other words, if you want to integrate videos into your brand communication, but you don’t have the necessary resources, stock footage will come in handy. There are also other ways to use stock videos:

  • When the video fits the storyline and doesn’t distract.

If you’re shooting a documentary about food in the 21st century, you can depict farmers and crops by using stock clips. It will speed up the production process and save time and money.

  • When the production stage is complete, but you don’t have enough material.

The extra footage is called raw materials. If you don’t have any, find an educational or archival stock video to illustrate your point of view in the full movie.

Depositphotos pricing

There are 3 types of priсing plans, so you can choose one that best fits your needs.

SD Subscription plan

(240p and 480p)

1 video – $19

5 videos – $69

25 videos – $319

HD Subscription plan

(720p and 1080p)

1 video – $59

5 videos – $239

25 videos – $1,149

Ultra HD Subscription plan

4K resolution

1 video – $169

5 videos – $729

25 videos – $3,499


Today, video is one of the top 3 content formats being consumed, and its popularity only continues to grow. You can’t go wrong if you add stock footage to your marketing campaign. Marketers are constantly looking for visual content that helps convey a message to their target audience. Understanding what customers want, and knowing where to find the perfect high-quality videos is the key to success.

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