What is URL? – Definition, Uses, Examples, And More

Definition URL

URL is an acronym for the English language corresponding to Uniform Resource Locator. It is the sequence of characters that a standard follows, and that allows us to name resources within the Internet environment so that they can get located.

Uses of URL

Text documents, photos, and audios, among other types of digital content, have a URL when they get published on the Internet. These locators allow hyperlinks (also known as links) to be created on the World Wide Web (WWW), making navigation easier.

The URL is, therefore, the character set that makes it possible to assign a unique address to a resource that is available in virtual space. In other words, the URL is an Internet address that shows an information resource to the user.

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We can use our website (Definition From) as an example. Specifically, the cited URL of this space is none other than

For example: “The URL of the most widely used search engine on the Internet is,” “I was trying to access your page, but I think I have the URL wrongly written down.”

What does a URL contain?

The URL character sequence combines different information, such as the name of the computer that provides the content, the directory in which they housed, the name of that file, and also the protocol to be used for data recovery.

Some important protocols

The URL scheme indicates the network protocol used to retrieve the information from the identified resource. URL schemes include Http, https, mail-to, and FTP.

  • HTTP(HyperText Transport Protocol) is the most used protocol currently to proceed with what is to transmit hypertext.
  • HTTPS (HyperText Transport Protocol Secure) undertakes the connection to servers of the Internet that is safe. This security means that personal data or credit card numbers can’t get intercepted, and that is that they are encrypted.
  • Mailto, another of the protocols a, is used for sending an email,
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to transfers files of different types.

These are some of the most well-known and used protocols, but there are many others, such as, for example, news, which allows access to news services or telnet, which is the one that gives the possibility of connecting to what is a multi-user machine. The latter we can establish that it is used, among other places, in libraries.

The [URL] is a part of the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), together with the Uniform Resource Name (URN).

The first of the cited, which is a much more complete identifier than any [URL], consists of the following elements: schema, authority, route, query, and fragment. While the URN qualifies that it works in a very similar way to the mentioned [URL]. Although it presents a difference. It does not clearly express where the object gets located.

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