What is Marketing Automation? – Definition, Uses, And More

Definition Marketing Automation

Today more than ever, we know the importance of maintaining 100% personalized and direct relationships with our users. In the beginning, it is easy to have these 1 to 1 conversations with our users. However, when we start to grow, it is impossible to continue having these conversations without losing quality or response time. And here, time plays a more than significant role since the user wants answers immediately, and if you don’t give them to them, your competitor will provide them to you.

That’s where Marketing Automation comes in. It is about generating automated processes that allow us to scale our Marketing operations. Thus, we can, for example:

  • Generate automatic responses to new records
  • Classify users based on behaviors and send ad-hoc content when they meet certain criteria
  • Report new content created
  • Send content within a few days of downloading another
  • Etc.

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In its definition, we find its reason for being

Marketing Automation is software that automates, measures, and makes Marketing tasks more efficient so that companies can increase their operations and improve their profit.

However, you have to be careful. Marketing automation is not just software. It is clear that software is an essential part; after all, without software, we cannot do automation. But, the key to Marketing Automation is put by people: the design of the processes, the strategy, and the link of the human part to the whole process are essential for an automation strategy to work. That balance between tool and technique is the key.

What Marketing Automation software to use?

According to G2Crowd, one of the largest tool comparators on the market, Hubspot would be the ideal choice, followed by Pardot, Marketo, Act-on, and Eloqua. Keep in mind that the user factor plays here, and Hubspot has considerably more opinions than the rest, so it has a considerable advantage.

However, we have our own decision in this regard:

Top 5 automation tools

We compare functionalities, ease of use, price, and value for the price paid we have the following tools: EngageBay, Active Campaign, HubSpot, Wishpond, and Mautic.

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